The most “kaopei” day in social media’s history because it is supposed to be end-of-the-world.

(Source: 9gag.)

Hahaha so far everything has been peaceful; I’m still in the office working as usual (not in any hotel’s president suite / rooftop restaurant sipping champagne like I imagined). However, the calculated time (for whatever meteor shit to strike) is Singapore time 7.11pm, so till then, everyone can still continue to kaopei.

Earlier this year, I’ve set some goals for myself in 2012:

  1. Go Taiwan. Done. Even conquered Europe, so I guess I can die happy now.
  2. Make my business idea come to live. What I had in mind was initially some tau huey dessert station, but I’m glad it didn’t materialised due to capital problems. I did however register Fifth Storey as a proper business and got some pretty good projects so I still consider this done.
  3. Spend lots of quality time with my loved ones. Yep yep yep!

But I still have a lot a lot ahead of me. In fact, all of us do. So we shouldn’t just be afraid of dying today; we should be afraid of dying everyday, ‘cos we never know when our individual doomsday will come. Not being pessi la, but MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT. Do what you want and don’t look back with regrets. That’s my personal belief. See y’all at 7.12pm~


Yayyyy hi we are alive!

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