Since years ago, I have developed a stringent habit of keeping track of ALL my expenses, down to every dollar and cent. Friends whom seen it think that it’s an insane thing to do, and I admit it is quite la. It requires a great deal of effort and discipline but at the end of the day, knowing where and what I spend on is really important, especially after I start managing the very small “company” of my own.

For the first time, I decided to do up simple infographics to illustrate my expenditure this year.

Just on gifts alone, I’ve burnt about $1.1K++ (*cries), so you can go do the rest of the maths yourself. My biggest ticket item, needless to say, is travel. I work to go overseas; I scrimp and save to go overseas; I eat like a pig when I am overseas (or not hahaha); I buy most of my clothes when I am overseas. In fact, I spend such a pathetic amount on shopping (1.6%) in Singapore that I begin to wonder if I’m even a girl.

Anyway, with such a breakdown, I can review and better manage the outflow of my moolah. For the coming year, I’ll readjust certain priorities and use a budget planner with Money Dashboard to exercise stricter control and reach more monetary goals. Though 2013 is rumoured to do bad economically, I still look forward to venturing into stocks and hopefully some other sorts of investments. With the sky-high cost of living in Singapore, it’s impossible to not worry about money.

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