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2012 in Summary

Started the year on a good note. Went on my first getaway with Loti to Krabi and experienced a handful of things – dinner on the beach, massage by the sea, and diving under the sea.

Second month was rather mundane. Lots of CNY feasting until I realised I grew a rather big tummy and it was time to do something about it. But that was just a thought, I didn’t take any actions, YET.

Got myself a Nespresso Pixie loan for three weeks through my food blog, and that’s where Loti and I began seeing coffee in a different light. (That triggered Loti to invest in a Nespresso machine months later. Yay free cappuccinos for me!) Also celebrated Loti’s birthday for the first time at USS.

April was THE TIME OF MY LIFE ‘cos my whole family toured Europe for 10 days. FRIGGING DREAM CAME TRUE! Went to England, France, Switzerland, and Italy; our first time outside Asia; experienced jet lag, breathed ang moh air, saw lotsa postcard photos coming to life, sat on a train, tasted real snow. Everything felt so surreal thinking about it now.

Come what May (pun intended), it was one month with the most happenings. Went on a 8-day trip to Taiwan with my girlfriends – night markets, shopping, XXXL chicken, bubble teas, DIY fireworks. After returning to Singapore, it was Loti’s turn to go Taiwan. And because his whole family left, I had to stay at his place for two weeks to take care of his bitchy cat. Luckily, I took on an on-site freelance job in XM Asia to keep me occupied in the day. Boredom also drove me to start swimming (IKR, after three months of procrastination) and I persevered on.

Passed my one-year probation for riding! Cultivated a regular swimming and exercising routine – like three to four times per week.

Finally saw results of my hard work. Lost about 2.5kg. Attended the first solemnisation of a close girlfriend.

Whipped up a breakfast and lunch singlehandedly for my family before my brother got enlisted to the army. Felt that the house was empty for the first time.

Had a virgin go on rock climbing. Another girlfriend got officially married. Work started catching up and I plunged myself further into another commitment (which I will reveal when time is ripe.) The lack of rest caused me to fall sick twice in a month. Exercising became stagnant.

October marks a full year of relationship with Loti, and also the start of my full-time job (in XM Asia that I was freelancing for). Skidded off my scooter for the first time on the expressway and survived with some bloody injuries here and there. Best part was, I went ahead with a diving trip to Dayang the very next week but somehow, the seawater (ouch!) disinfected and sped up the recovery of my fresh wounds.

Though busy, November seemed to one painfully slow month. No time to swim.

Still no time to swim! And no mood to work too! Went into JB for the first time on public bus to eat like pigs as my birthday celebration with Loti. Crossed dressed as a boy for my company’s party and I think I quite hemsem lolol! Holiday feast feast feast till I gained back 2kg D:

Fwah, looks like 2012 had been pretty fruitful for me. How was yours? 😉

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