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Month: January 2013

Hi! Bye!

Can’t believe the only time I have to update this space is only when I’m at the airport trying to waste time after checking in. *Deep breaths. The past two weeks had been vavavoom busy, with never ending work, insufficient sleep and all. This happens every time before I go away on holiday T_T I’m fucking shagballs now with only 2 hours of sleep waiting for a 6am flight. Though it’s only 5 days and to a place as busy as (or maybe busier) than Singapore, I’m still super happy ‘cos I totally deserve this break! It almost became a solo trip (which I totally don’t mind), but Ash could make it at the last minute (which I of course don’t mind too). Two is good. I hate traveling with anything more than four. It’s my first trip to HK (not counting the time when I was 5) and I’ll most prob eat eat eat till I drop.


“Eliminate Fear”

These are two words that inspired me at work today, which led me to take on my first step in confronting a fear. Feeling much more relieved now, I also thank this article that I read a while ago: Why Your Fears Won’t Come True.

Those dreaded conversations, when I finally take them on, never turn out quite like I thought. I’ve rehearsed long tangents of tricky conversations that never happened. I’ve even flow-charted intimidating phone calls in my head – if he says A I’ll say B, if he says C, I’ll say D.

This is almost always useless. He never says A, or C. That’s because whatever I’ve predicted, that’s not the way it’s going to go down. Because I’m just chicken, not psychic.

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Here’s a recent cam whore pic in case you forget how I look. Hah I finally plucked up enough courage to do an inner shave on one side of my head, and I’m digging it. I know I look like a guy la, but it’s still feminine on the other side ok :p

2013, here I come!

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