Can’t believe the only time I have to update this space is only when I’m at the airport trying to waste time after checking in. *Deep breaths. The past two weeks had been vavavoom busy, with never ending work, insufficient sleep and all. This happens every time before I go away on holiday T_T I’m fucking shagballs now with only 2 hours of sleep waiting for a 6am flight. Though it’s only 5 days and to a place as busy as (or maybe busier) than Singapore, I’m still super happy ‘cos I totally deserve this break! It almost became a solo trip (which I totally don’t mind), but Ash could make it at the last minute (which I of course don’t mind too). Two is good. I hate traveling with anything more than four. It’s my first trip to HK (not counting the time when I was 5) and I’ll most prob eat eat eat till I drop.