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Month: March 2013

Hong Kong Foot: Day 2

On the second day, Ash and I went to Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is like the most “atas” part of the country, which is somewhat equivalent to our Shenton Way area. Continue reading

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Hong Kong Foot: Day 1

I’ve never imagined myself to fancy Hong Kong. I’ve heard about all the rude people and super fast-paced life which is similar to Singapore. We’re already so busy, why bother going to another busy (if not busier) country for a holiday?

But why I so 犯贱 and still choose to go? ‘Cos I needed a short break badly in January and tickets were on sale – about same price as Bangkok but I’m quite sick of Thailand so might as well check out somewhere new. Continue reading

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Heart vs. Brain

Some time last year, Loti and I decided to go on a one-month trip. When air tickets went on sale, we instantly hit on the book button, and there we were – Taiwan in 35 days. At that point in time, I had no thoughts on consequences despite having just converted to full-time. I overheard and assumed that there was something called an “unpaid leave,” and even if there isn’t, the most I quit my job lor. I was quite an unhappy lone ranger in my company anyways.

Moving forward to the beginning of 2013, after being inspired by my superior, I set my heart to change for the better. With a new attitude, I was given a month’s time to prove myself. I started opening up to people around me and soon, colleagues turned into friends (at least for me). These people suddenly became my motivation to go work everyday. A happier soul also translates into greater productivity, and I didn’t mind giving more or doing extra stuffs. So, one month later, I got confirmed. YAY!

Just when all is good and well, my worst nightmare came true. “Unpaid leave” does not exist, unless it was communicated way beforehand and should be for a super extremely very good reason. Dang! How liddat. I’ve already came out with a perfect plan for the whole trip and made deposits for most of the accommodations.

Much as I want the best of both worlds, reality only left me with two choices:

  1. Utilise my leave for the entire year and shorten the trip to two weeks.
  2. Resign.

If you see the second option and go like, “HUHHHH! SIAO AHHH!” Then, ya, I think I siao liao. ‘Cos I chose 2, with my heart (and not my brain).

I know it sounds foolish, to sacrifice my career just for a vacation. “Go two weeks not enough meh?” Enough is enough, but that defeats the entire purpose of the one-month idea. These 35 days mean more than a mere vacation to me. It’s about living independently outside my comfort zone with a possible life partner; it’s about experiencing a different kind of traveling pace; it’s maybe even about migration in the future. Also, if we don’t do it now, once Loti starts working, we’d probably never get a chance to travel for 35 days straight, at least not in the next five years. And it’ll get even harder when you grow older (more responsibilities, more loans, less guts, less energy, etc).

Today, 8 March 2013, the go-getter in me went against all advises to give up my job over a 35-day Taiwan trip. Ten years down the road, I don’t know if I’d look back with regret or rejoice. But whatever it is, the trip (this coming June) better be DAMN AWESOME! Meanwhile, my promise to myself is that I will not give anything lesser at work just because my intents of quitting are made.

(Photo source: Pinterest. Quote: Island Company.)


After leaving Singapore for a month, I’ve made a comeback and am now back to working. It wasn’t easy trying to re-enter the same office doors, but I am definitely thankful.

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100-day Plan I

Earlier this year, ma boss taught us something called a “100-day Plan.”

The rules are simple – list down what you wanna accomplish in the next 100 days, keeping in mind that they must be precise and realistic (e.g. “I want to run at least once a week” instead of “I want to exercise regularly”).

This approach helps one to achieve short-term goals more effectively in contrast to resolutions made over a stretch of one year (which most people won’t stick to).

I’ll share my plan made on 10 Jan 2013. Today is the 55th day. Let’s see what I’ve completed.

  1. Swim at least once a month.
  2. Get iPhone 5!
  3. Lunch with colleagues at least once a week.
  4. Flip through an art book / article once a week. (Didn’t really flip books, but online articles yes.)
  5. Change default face. Smile more 🙂
  6. Tour Singapore like a tourist for 2 days. Share 48 photos. Here!

My first 100-day plan ends on 19 Apr 2013.

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Random Drawings

It’s been years, omfg no a decade since I last held something with my hand to draw, as far back as when my art lessons stopped in Secondary two. I remembered that I could pursue art as an ‘O’ level subject, but I gave it up to opt for triple science, which ended up with triple ‘B’s. It was all for the dream of becoming a vet when I grow up and I thought studying Biology could get me there. How naive.

After my sciences flopped, I sorta made my way back to art / design / wtv with no proper training. However, the journey is just filled with a computer mouse and Photoshop. I stopped drawing, and I forgot about my love for it. (Btw, loving to draw ≠ being good at it.)

Recently, I picked up a pen for a project, and I kinda rediscovered the connection.

Don’t ask me what I was drawing. I absolutely have no idea.

The rawest form of design comes in the form of pen and paper. (I ownself say one.) I hope I can find time to draw more random shit like these.

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Because You Don’t Grow Up, You Just Grow Old~

Cousin Peimin and I – still as childish as a decade ago. And somehow I believe that I’ll still continue behaving the same way ten or twenty years later, just that er, maybe my actions a bit slower. We’ll see 😉

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