Earlier this year, ma boss taught us something called a “100-day Plan.”

The rules are simple – list down what you wanna accomplish in the next 100 days, keeping in mind that they must be precise and realistic (e.g. “I want to run at least once a week” instead of “I want to exercise regularly”).

This approach helps one to achieve short-term goals more effectively in contrast to resolutions made over a stretch of one year (which most people won’t stick to).

I’ll share my plan made on 10 Jan 2013. Today is the 55th day. Let’s see what I’ve completed.

  1. Swim at least once a month.
  2. Get iPhone 5!
  3. Lunch with colleagues at least once a week.
  4. Flip through an art book / article once a week. (Didn’t really flip books, but online articles yes.)
  5. Change default face. Smile more 🙂
  6. Tour Singapore like a tourist for 2 days. Share 48 photos. Here!

My first 100-day plan ends on 19 Apr 2013.

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