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Month: April 2013

100-Day Plan II

From 20 Apr – 28 Jul 2013.

  1. Dye / highlight my hair ash / blonde / something along that line.
  2. Send my camera body and lens for servicing. (There are mushrooms and spiders growing in them.) Bought a new one instead.
  3. Learn how to use an external camera flash.
  4. Create at least 10 pieces of doodles with my left hand. Here!
  5. Have meals with my family twice a week (except for my holiday period).
  6. Make use of Kinect / gym ball twice a week (except for my holiday period).
  7. Mockup my ideal paint job for my scooter.
  8. Add album art to all complete albums in my music library.
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Mini Singapore Tour

I’m striking off the last item in my first 100-day plan – playing tourist in my own country. Just that I cut short the amount of days from two to one, because if anything more, I’d curse and swear about the weather and the cost of everything. I’m simply too Singaporean to be able to experience anything “new.”

I also used this “tour” as a birthday celebration for Loti, so there was a reason to splurge.

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Hong Kong Foot: Day 5

Final day to savour the last of Hong Kong. We hopped on a private bus (those 小巴 you see in dramas) just to make ourselves feel that we had covered every mode of transport. Continue reading

Hong Kong Foot: Day 4

We went on a food frenzy! Continue reading

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Hong Kong Foot: Day 3

The day started with what seemed to be a ritual when one visits Hong Kong – queuing up for THE famous Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant. Continue reading

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