So it’s already 1.48am now and I’m in Taipei, fcuking tired after running around + eating the whole day but I still insist on churning out this entry ‘cos I dowanna lose this feeling.

30th May marks another milestone in my life. As many of my friends already know, Loti proposed. O M F G W T F I K R !

I swear it was at one of the most unromantic places ever – Changi Airport’s Osim foot massage chairs. We were resting before our flight (the machines weren’t even working), then Loti suddenly showed me some videos. They were snippets of him talking, then suddenly at the last video, he took out a ring! Then he flashed a card and said, “Will you marry me?” I was taken aback. It was so abrupt I didn’t even know if it was really happening. I told him, “I want to hear the real one.” “Of course,” he replied. He came over and knelt in front of me with the ring and repeated the four magical words. I was already crying and choked, “YES.” THEN HE PUT THE RING ON THE WRONG FINGER. Major diao -.- HAHAHAHAHAH. He said he was kanjiong (so cute). But when we figured out which was the right hand and finger, it was a perfect fit. I hugged him and continued crying.

However, the most stunning thing was that Loti had already bought this ring half a year ago, and he actually closed down one of his bank accounts to do that. Silly boy. Also apparently, all my close friends and his family and friends knew about the existence of this ring, but everyone played dumb for six months. IMPOSSIBRU! After that, Loti started telling me facts about the diamond (dunno what cut clarity value etc) but to me, they weren’t important at all. I only know that this man showed hand to ask for my hand in marriage. He could have waited till he gets a stable job and enough money to do so, but he chose to gamble away almost all his student savings now. I’m.. truly… touched.

Still, why at Osim foot massage chairs? ‘Cos it was discreet enough according to him, and we are simple people like that. No fanciful flowers, no unwanted attention from strangers, no applause – just us and true feelings :’)

Thanks for all the blessings from everyone! People happy for me I see liao also very happy lei 😀 I’ll try to update my trip along the way if I can. 2.28am now. Bye!

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