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Month: August 2013

Back to Mundane

I’ve been posting so much stuffs about my Taiwan trip for the past months. So sorry, I’m still living in denial and in the past hahaha.

Nothing much has changed after I returned to Singapore in July. Same old same old busy as hell the moment work resumed. But (after being a farmer for three days and seeing how some people fight so hard for a living) I think I’m appreciating what I’m doing more and more. Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself, “I’m a designer and I love my job.” I like having the ability to change things, however small or dry a project is. I know that whatever I clicked on my screen will see the light on the internet somewhere out there. And I’m proud of that.

Caught the first musical in my life and guilty as charged, I fell asleep. Wahahaha I couldn’t understand what they were singing half the time and I blame it on being totally clueless about Phantom of the Opera’s story beforehand.

Met up with friends here and there and sometimes I find it amusing why people have the constant need to “catch up” with people. But time passes, you’ll figure out where everyone is heading in life and who is worth catching up with and who just gets you caught up in their shit. That’s when I gotta do the sorry-gotta-move-on-with-my-life-kthxbai~

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100-Day Plan III

From 29 Jul – 05 Nov 2013.

  1. Contribute 3 ideas per brainstorming session.
  2. Bookmark 1 great site per week.
  3. Zhng my bike.
  4. Climb the stairs up my house 3x per week.
  5. Sell my guitar.
  6. Do and print photobooks of my trips.
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#FollowMeTo: Taiwan 2013

Inspired by these photos shot by Murad Osmann, Loti and I took on a challenge to start a series, starting from Taiwan.

Like the #HandInHand: Taiwan, I believe you’ll be able to progressively #followmeto around the world in many years to come.

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#HandInHand: Taiwan 2013

It was my idea, but Tobby was the poor thing who had to do all the setup and shooting under the hot sun. Though it’s a love-hate project, we’re definitely happy with the end product 😀

PSI 400 lol.

The saddest moment as we were waiting to leave.

We will, continue to be #handinhand, in countless places down the road.

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Left Hand Drawings

One of the plans in my 100-day plan II is to create at least 10 doodles with my left hand. I’ve succeeded, and drew 11! (I’m a rightie if it’s not obvious enough.)

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#KayaLotiAtTaiwan for 35 Friggin’ Days!

As usual, lemme present a painstakingly-pieced-together video to tell our Taiwan trip 台灣之旅.

These 35 days were the longest period I’ve ever left the protection of my family and home, and also the longest time I spent with my newly converted fiancé. However glorious our photos and video may turn out, no one can see the kind of sweat, blood, and quarrels Loti and I went through behind. Nonetheless, I’m glad that our ability to resolve problems and 默契 grew stronger over the time 🙂

Also, after a touring half of Taiwan, Loti and I came out with a list of the best (and a few worst) places. Note that the following are ranked according to what we felt and experienced, hence they’re NOT facts ok.

  1. Best city: Taipei 台北.
    Worst city: Taichung 台中.
  2. Best nature spot: Cingjing Farm 清境農場.
  3. Best manmade spot: Monster Village 妖怪村 (Taichung 台中).
  4. Best hot spring: Guanzihling 關子嶺 (Tainan 台南).
  5. Best historical place: Lukang 鹿港 (Taichung 台中).
  6. Best museum: 921 Earthquake Museum 921地震教育園區 (Taichung 台中).
  7. Best temple: Fo Guang Shan Monastery 佛光山 (Kaohsiung 高雄).
  8. Best train ride: Wulai 烏來 (Taipei 台北).
  9. Best sunrise: Yilan 宜蘭.
  10. Best sunset: Qinbi Village 芹壁村 (Matsu Islands 馬祖列島).
  11. Best mosquito feeding ground: Tainan 台南.
  12. Best night market for food: Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市 (Taipei 台北).
    Worst night market for food: Liaoning Street Night Market 遼寧街夜市 (Taipei 台北).
  13. Best night market for shopping: Yizhong Street Night Market 一中街夜市 (Taichung 台中).
  14. Best restaurants: Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產 (Taipei 台北), Tokiya 陶板屋 (many branches).
  15. Best theme restaurant: Carton King 紙箱王 (Cingjing Farm 清境農場), Banana New Paradise 香蕉新樂園茶飯館 (Taichung 台中).
    Worst theme restaurant: Modern Toilet 便所主題餐廳 (Taipei 台北).
  16. Best western breakfast: Rolling Egg 翻滾吧,蛋捲! (Tainan 台南).
  17. Best coffees: Fu Ren Cafe 夫人咖啡館 (Matsu Islands 馬祖列島), Cafe Douceur (Tainan 台南), Wilbeck Café 威爾貝克手烘咖啡 (Taipei 台北).
    Worst coffee: Narrow Door Cafe 窄門咖啡 (Tainan 台南).
  18. Best dessert: Mayu Bistro & Café (Taipei 台北).
  19. Best local food: Are you kiddin’ me!? Everywhere is good! Hahaha.
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35D Taiwan: Day 35

3rd July spelt the end of our 5-week long Taiwan fantasy. Continue reading

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35D Taiwan: Day 34

Our last.. *sob… night.. *sob.. in Taipei and Taiwan. Continue reading

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