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Month: October 2013

The Day I First Lost My Phone

In my whole damn entire life. #\*~$+?!

All thanks to all that running about during our company’s annual team bonding day. However, I was still kinda happy ‘cos my team (most unexpectedly) won!

Omg haven’t had the feeling of triumph in such a long time 😀 And to know that my team members were super nice to let me keep the winning vouchers to compensate for my lost phone just makes me so damn touched :’)

Hanged out with my creative team thereafter.

Had a glass each at Molly Roffey’s which we passed by randomly.


Heng didn’t vomit. Bill amounted to like $80+ among 6 people. Funny thing was, 4 of us girls went to Lady M to have desserts later and the bill beat the alcohol bill with a whopping $127+ (with all the added takeaways) LOL.

The away day same time last year was sucha dread. Totally felt like a complete loser and loner but I’m glad things are different now. This is by far the most attached I’ve felt to a company and the people I work with. Hard to come by in this industry and I know good stuffs don’t last, so I really treasure it. One of my personal mantra goes, “It’s the same shit everywhere. It’s just who you ta the shit with.”

Checkered Me(h)

Lynn made these photos she took into a GIF for me :’) That’s me indeliberately looking like a set with my fully zhnged scooter.

Feeling so tired and lazy and busy to update anything recently. My life not very exciting when I’m grounded in Singapore. Nothing much to do except for eat work eat work and eat hahaha. OH, but I’ve also started taking some measures to counter this sedentariness. I’m now halfway through a 30-day abs challenge (I WANT PACKS!) and also learning to play squash. Actually did only two sessions la, but I kinda like it. Might consider buying my own racket if the interest doesn’t die.

A while ago I was still singing, “Wake me up when September ends~” NOW WHERE DAFUQ DID OCTOBER GO!?

Obviously Who

Both bought me earphones.
One was glittery purple.
The other is bright funky yellow.
Who obviously knows me better.

Both are into photography.
One competed with me and got jealous sometimes.
The other exchanges knowledge and works together with me.
Who obviously understands “two are better than one.”

Both are men.
One insisted that males will always be more superior.
One is not afraid to admit that he looks up to me.
Who obviously places me before ego.

Both claimed they love.
One was ashamed of my bad haircut.
The other adores my nose and buck teeth (ugliest facial features to me).
Who obviously is blind HAHAHAH.

After a failed relationship and before I met you, I’ve lost almost all faith in dicks and am really prepared to be #foreveralone. But you tore down my armour piece by piece and slowly thawed my heart. You do not sugarcoat your words, you do not impress me with fancy stuffs, and you irritate me all the time. You argue (logically) with me, because you want to solve problems. You say it’s okay to cry, because you’ll be there for the weakest side of me. You embrace the tomboyish me, because you saw me differently from all the other guys.

Happy 2nd anniversary Loti – my sidekick, my best friend, my husband-to-be. Obviously you complete me, but obviously you’ll get it if you ever let me down. ♥

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