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Month: December 2013

13 Things I’ve Learnt in 2013

1. Say no.

It took me a long time to learn how to say no, but the thing, is you can’t please everyone, forever. Pick up some balls, reject once, and the rest will follow. Rule of thumb is: never say yes when you’re saying no to yourself. BUT if someone proposes with a diamond ring gold bar, just say yes first then sort him out later 😉

2. Speak up.

No one will know your existence if you keep quiet all day. Nobody will go up to a piece of furniture and offer it chocolate cakes or opportunities. Stop being that chair in the office and start rattling.

3. Stop making new year resolutions.

Make multiple 100-day plans instead. Remember, the goals have to be concise like, “eat six times a day,” rather than, “I want to look like a pig.”

4. Appreciate.

It is not in our Asian upbringing to constantly express love verbally, especially to our parents. However, do know that you’re truly blessed if people even bother nagging at you.

People say I love you all the time – when they say, “take an umbrella, it’s raining,” or “hurry back,” or even “watch out, you’ll break your neck.” There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.

– The Curious Savage (John Patrick)

5. Belittle yourself.

You’re not that great. Really. I once thought I could be superman and jump over a stretched rubber band placed at shoulder height (aka zero point) in office, and I ended up cracking my toes. The pain prolonged till now.

6. Never be a slave to anyone.

Not your bestest of friends. (To begin with, a friend should never make you feel that way.) Not even your own boss. Real people actually die from overworking these days. Not worth it.

7. Let go.

Letting go is like repeating point 1 for a thousand times till it has no effect on you. Pretty tough, but achievable. It is necessary in life because people change all the time, including myself.

8. Black and whites are not cool.

Rules and the whole junk of proving this and that is bullshit. I know while mandatory, too much of them gives no free play and sucks humanity TO DEATH.

9. Take chances.

You’ll never know what’s in-store for you next. If you want to do it, go. Spare some considerations for consequences though, then do it with all your heart. YOLO!

10. Don’t procrastinate.

Because I procrastinated to pump my bike tyres, I landed in an accident. Because I procrastinated to install iTunes on my new laptop, I lost my phone without the latest backup files. (Btw, it’s better to setup auto backup in iCloud.) STOP FUCKING PROCRASTINATING.

11. Enjoy boredom.
Motivation and passion cannot keep you going on forever, boredom will. This is similar to the 100-day plan thing (point 3). Using the same example, indulge in the process of binge eating everyday instead of focusing on looking like a pig. Trust me, you’ll get there.

12. Cold showers are good.

Better immunity, higher metabolism, more energy, lots of benefits blah. It think my morning sinus improved after cold showering for a few months.

13. Eat. A lot.

No better way to treat your body and soul. Well, at least for me!

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Ze Lack of Holiday Spirits

Every year, my year ends get quieter and quieter. So quiet I really begin to worry that I’m getting FUCKING old, and anti-social.

Loathe crowds, hate commercialised shit, dislike alcohol. So. not. 25.

Loti was also down with sudden scar infection (from the accident), but that did not stop him from trying to create a memorable christmas for us.

A homemade candlelight spread prepared by Loti (and his mum) hah. Love it! <3

Dragged myself to attend a party thereafter, but returned home soon after to sleep. Then met friends on and off days later for cafes and chit chats. OKAY OKAY I KNOW I NEED TO STOP SOUNDING LIKE A BORING OLD WOMAN! >:(

Something to lift my spirits up is Bangkok in two weeks’ time!

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This is the last night that my parents aren’t at home. For the first time in 25 years, they had finally let go and went on a holiday by themselves, leaving me and bro behind.

I’ve always envied my friends whenever they say that their parents are not in town. House parties and havoc yeaaaa – that’s what I imagined. But in reality it’s not lor.

I injured myself (again) one day before they left, and had been limping around since. Had to work from home for two days and how I wished my mum was around to prepare lunch and dad to buy dinner back. Bro had a high fever over the weekends. It was quite persistent that we almost thought it was dengue. Was pretty lost but luckily my cousin came over. The nights also became darker and quieter, and the house suddenly seemed scarier. Didn’t helped that my TV switches on by itself every now and then.

I love my folks and I honestly cannot imagine moving out without them next time. Who’s gonna wash my clothessss!!! (HAHAHA kidding, but really, who?)

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Quarter-Life Crisis

Or you can call it the mid-twenties crisis lol.

Had the sudden urge to look back at my life so I started scanning my entire baby album – something that I’ve always wanted to do but never did. It’s pretty nostalgic as I tried to recall the last 25 years.


Hello world on 6 Dec 88, 1458, 3kg. I was a pretty fat and bald baby.


Still barely had a few strands of hair, thus I was nicknamed “Tweety bird.” Despite that, my mum dolled me up in girly dresses while my cousins kept sabotaging by turning me into some F1 racer.


Mischievous behaviour started to show. Squirted water out of my mouth in the midst of a hotel dinner with my parents. Kena-ed chicken pox hence my mother drew a portrait of me, ‘cos I guess I was too unglam for photo taking? *Shrugs.


First conscious encounter with the swimming pool and the first thing I screamed to my dad the moment I got in was, “Why can’t I feel the floor!!!!”


Little brother arrived on Earth. I welcomed him by squeezing into his baby cot in the hospital. I like to snatch people’s things muahahaha. Just look at me asking for popcorn from an ang moh stranger at the zoo. I kept putting out my hands till she almost gave me the whole bag. Sibeh buey paiseh.


Got chosen to visit the pilot’s seat while on a flight to Phuket ‘cos I was cute enough. Really. Or there weren’t enough kids around.


Watched too much 黄飞鸿 that I wished I was a boy. Refused to wear skirts, tucked my hair behind my ears, posed like a boy, and even dreamt that I peed standing up. Mum got quite worried so cousin Peimin said MUST send to me a mixed school. Oh btw by the time I was K2, I’ve already switched like five kindergartens ‘cos I went around bullying people (including biting someone’s nose) and my parents received endless complaints.


Indeed I landed in a mixed school called Fengshan Primary. I was the chatterbox in the class. I was the first to wear specs in class. I hung out with the naughtiest kids in class. Despite complaining much about me, my form teacher still sent me for a drawing competition at a Neighbourhood Police Post and I emerged as the first position :O


Nerd. The photo on the left was titled “Hot Mum and Cui Kid” by Yun the moment she saw it. But hey, cui kid got to do parasailing and that’s rather cool.


Mum kept forcing dresses and more dresses on me, including a SIA uniform. I didn’t look too happy.


Got fedup with all the haircuts by my mum and I presumed I could do better. Ended up like shiat and the whole world asked about my self-cut fringe but I still thought it looked “okayyyy whattttt.” Participated in a stage performance at a church I attended with my aunt as a.. wave. HAHA. Then, as if looking like a shitty wave wasn’t enough, I went on a shoplifting frenzy and was almost arrested by the authorities. Was shamed to apologise to all the shops and I saw my father tear for the first time.


Halfway through Primary 5 I had to leave Fengshan and my friends due to house moving. Upgraded from a HDB to our first condo in an unfamiliar area and everything had to change. First learnt to cross roads and take public buses. Thinking back, we seemed pretty pampered.


Made friends in my new school (Yio Chu Kang Primary) and invited them along with my old friends to my house for my birthday. Graduated with PSLE and it was like the stressest thing back then. The competition was stiff ‘cos we were dragon babies. Luckily most friends in my clique got similar results and we enrolled into Xinmin Sec together.


Hueyyen (from Yio Chu Kang Pri) and I got into the same class and CCA, and we formed quite a loserish combo. (I’m still in touch with her and she’s super cool now okay.) Kids from different classes recognised me as the nerd with the ultra thick hideous plastic specs (but little did they expect that it became a trend later lol). I was also so chor lor that I was the ONLY girl who sat with legs wide open in the entire yearbook.


I tried (too hard) to fit in with the popular girls so I grew long hair and ensured that the front always had two long “cockroach feelers” sticking out, just ‘cos it was the “in thing.” Gosh.


Streaming landed me in class E2, but I appealed to be in E1, as I naively thought that taking up Biology will make me a vet when I grow up. I also gave up the art subject (which I scored and loved) for it. Wrong choice. Not only did Bio NOT teach about animals, I ended up in class half-filled with foreign talents. I formed a clique of five called the ‘Angels,’ (*cringe) but I later realised that to everyone in E1, nothing is more important than scoring academically. They were competitive, superficial, and some even scheming. However, I was happy enough to be up-close and personal with my favourite animal – tiger.


The last year in Secondary school was a complete twist. I left my ‘Angels’ clique and reverted back to being a loner. It was Jan who picked me up like a lost puppy and due to her popularity I started hanging out with people from all different classes and streams. I became the worst student in E1 and was made to stay back after school for study groups. The influences from the “less-nerds” also transformed me totally in terms of looks. Upon finishing my last O-Level paper, I immediately went to bleach my hair. Also successfully bugged my mum to let me put on contact lenses for prom night, then I become vainer and vainer. Had my first part-time job as a Christmas tree lightsticks ah lian promoter at Orchard, which followed through with lotsa other jobs – from flyer distributor to shaver promoter.


Went to the JC trial out of sheer fun – exchanged uniforms, crashed classes, skipped classes, played bridge, joined basketball for about one month plus before quitting. I always knew JC wasn’t for me and I was the only one in my E1 class to enter a polytechnic. But I didn’t do any research and went ahead with the first course that was introduced to me during Nanyang Poly open house, which turned out to be half-IT half-engineering when I wanted design. Another dumbest mistake.


Yes, I was in cheerleading if you want a good laugh. Had lots of fun, stunts and falls but I quit after that infamous NYP video incident happened. Worked part-time in Spageddies and there, I got to know my first serious boyfriend.


This was like my PRIME period with overloading female hormones. How to look like that again? T_T Anyway, I specialised into Interactive Media in year 3, made some more new friends, then student life came to an end. FOREVER.


After graduation, I was offered a year’s job back in my poly as a Development Technologist. Took care of four batches of students and even became friends with some of them. My family moved back to HDB (just across the road) but I was more than happy to finally have my own room. Suddenly reconnected with my secondary school friends Jan and Yun, then went for my first friends’ overseas trip with them. Tried clubbing for the first time as well.


21 was the age that I had been looking forward to all my life, ‘cos it meant freedom – freedom to club, freedom to drink, freedom to return home late, etc. However I didn’t know that it was also the key to the expressway of getting old. Stepped into the real working world and kick-started my design career knowing nuts about it. Either I was lucky or the local agencies were really kind.


Did lasik. Chopped off my long hair. Then it got shorter, and shorter, and shorter.. until my then boyfriend got scared and ran off to find some other long hair chicks to bua in clubs. LOL. We broke up, after four and a half years. I didn’t handle it too well.


After a period of single life, I began to enjoy it and did ALL the things I’ve always wanted to do. I got myself a HTML tattoo, saw Jay Chou up-close, got my advanced diving license, got a bike license and my first scooter, quit my job, went for a solo trip to Japan, then BOOM! Out of nowhere, I met Loti and we became an item within three weeks.


The first half of the year was spent bumming around freelancing and enjoying many weekday dates with Loti as he was still in Uni. It felt kinda weird yet amazing to discover our acquainted similarities, but most importantly, I can totally be myself when with him. Then before committing myself back to the workforce during the second half of the year, I traveled to Krabi, Europe and Taiwan. It was way awesome 😀


I guess the biggest thing that happened to me was getting engaged to Loti right before our 35-day trip to Taiwan. He just graduated, and didn’t had a job then. Some asked how can I be so sure since I’ve only known him for less than 2 years, but the recent accident proved everything :’) I also made the biggest purchase of my life, which is a BTO flat with Loti. Sucks to be an adult.

Yup, and that’s the gist thus far! Gained some and lost some and along the way but such is life. Everything that happened shaped me to the person I am today and I’m thankful.

P.S. If your name isn’t mentioned, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t important to me, and vice versa.

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Everything is a Blessing

Every word I type here is a blessing.

Every breath and blink I make is a blessing.

Every mouthful of food and water I consume is a blessing.

Every one around me talking, nagging, complaining, gossiping is a blessing.

Every sense of sight, sound, smell, touch is a blessing.

Every reason I’m alive is a blessing.

Yup, I’ve just escaped death again. A tyre puncture followed by a few seconds of hesitation plus a suspected slight bump from the car behind sent me sliding across PIE roads. Worst of all, I had Loti with me. However, him being very clear and protective, wrapped his arms around me and tanked most of the fall. The skin from his arm came off. Blood oozed, flesh revealed. My heart wrenched. The asshole behind pulled over and asked me about the compensation of his front bumper. How the hell could I hit him from the front? No time for that. Front car offered to send us to clinic. We hopped on. No police no ambulance were activated. Completely screwed up the procedures. Clinic took forever to open, and despite pleas for priority to the recep and other patients, we were still placed as #4. Humanity is so dead.

I let the asshole go. He initially insisted me to pay. LIKE HELLO. Who’s gonna pay for our skin and flesh? I could sue him real hard if I wanted, but didn’t. Ended up I had to pay for my own medical fees and bike repairs etc. But I keep telling myself it’s alright.

Being able to fall down and get up is a blessing.

Learning a painful lesson is a blessing.

Knowing Loti’s love for me is a big big blessing. It’s beyond what words can describe.

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