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Everything is a Blessing

Every word I type here is a blessing.

Every breath and blink I make is a blessing.

Every mouthful of food and water I consume is a blessing.

Every one around me talking, nagging, complaining, gossiping is a blessing.

Every sense of sight, sound, smell, touch is a blessing.

Every reason I’m alive is a blessing.

Yup, I’ve just escaped death again. A tyre puncture followed by a few seconds of hesitation plus a suspected slight bump from the car behind sent me sliding across PIE roads. Worst of all, I had Loti with me. However, him being very clear and protective, wrapped his arms around me and tanked most of the fall. The skin from his arm came off. Blood oozed, flesh revealed. My heart wrenched. The asshole behind pulled over and asked me about the compensation of his front bumper. How the hell could I hit him from the front? No time for that. Front car offered to send us to clinic. We hopped on. No police no ambulance were activated. Completely screwed up the procedures. Clinic took forever to open, and despite pleas for priority to the recep and other patients, we were still placed as #4. Humanity is so dead.

I let the asshole go. He initially insisted me to pay. LIKE HELLO. Who’s gonna pay for our skin and flesh? I could sue him real hard if I wanted, but didn’t. Ended up I had to pay for my own medical fees and bike repairs etc. But I keep telling myself it’s alright.

Being able to fall down and get up is a blessing.

Learning a painful lesson is a blessing.

Knowing Loti’s love for me is a big big blessing. It’s beyond what words can describe.

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