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This is the last night that my parents aren’t at home. For the first time in 25 years, they had finally let go and went on a holiday by themselves, leaving me and bro behind.

I’ve always envied my friends whenever they say that their parents are not in town. House parties and havoc yeaaaa – that’s what I imagined. But in reality it’s not lor.

I injured myself (again) one day before they left, and had been limping around since. Had to work from home for two days and how I wished my mum was around to prepare lunch and dad to buy dinner back. Bro had a high fever over the weekends. It was quite persistent that we almost thought it was dengue. Was pretty lost but luckily my cousin came over. The nights also became darker and quieter, and the house suddenly seemed scarier. Didn’t helped that my TV switches on by itself every now and then.

I love my folks and I honestly cannot imagine moving out without them next time. Who’s gonna wash my clothessss!!! (HAHAHA kidding, but really, who?)

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