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Month: February 2014

100-Day Plan V

My previous plan felt more than accomplished. So here’s my first fresh 100-day plan in 2014.

From 14 Feb 2014 – 24 May 2014.

  1. Go for my first health screening. Other than super high bad cholesterol levels and lots of white blood cells in my urine (which I can’t figure out why), all is good. Phew.
  2. Change all my signatures in official accounts (banks, insurance, etc). Done!
  3. Start some shared funds with Loti to save for our wedding / future house. Not shared funds, but we came out with a savings plan.
  4. Photoshoot with my bike. Shot, and sold.
  5. Switch my entire camera system from Canon to Nikon. Join the dark side muahahaha. Switched with no regrets.
  6. Do 7-minute exercise at least three mornings per week. It’s one of the ways to kick-start a productive day. (Succeeded about 70% of the time.)
  7. Try a new activity or sport. Played penny stocks, skated on a penny board. I think there were a couple of others which I can’t recall.
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First Flea for Flea Sake

Jio-ed by Ash, cousin Peimin and I shared a crate stall at Lucky Plaza last Sunday to sell our pre-owned clothes. It was my first flea ever and it was chaotic man. The crowd is Filipino maids (‘cos Sundays are their offs) and they come in HORDES. I’m not kidding you. They’ll rage through the clothes trying to find their own piece of treasure, and honestly it’s damn encouraging compared to the usual quiet fleas at places like Scape. But the dust, the malfunctioned air-con, the standing, the shouting of prices, the lookout for thieves, made up all the sucky but fun factors unique to such an experience. Our clothes started off with 3 for $10, then 4 for $10, 1 for $2, and finally everything $1! </3

Rental was $100 per stall, and after paying it off, I think I earned either $80 or $180. (I chose to believe the latter.) Peimin did better than me but her heart more pain ‘cos her clothes all so expensive when bought. However, we were still happy to clear our wardrobe in exchange for some usable cash. Instant gratification! 😀

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马票全中 2014

Felt like this CNY really galloped past like a (dark) horse, swiftly but silently.

Reunion dinner that mum cooked. As the years passed, she got more and more lazy shortcut and combined more and more dishes together. I think next year prolly one big pot of ingredients.

Family and cousins 😀

Bak kwa sheng.

It’s always a blur.

GoPro makes group photos such a breeze (though it’s not really used like that).

But it produces a CCTV effect when placed at a void deck hahaha.

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Go with Da Flow

I’m so glad that I made full use of my CNY off in lieu today by doing a string of activities with ma ladies.

Morning swim with Ash → squash when Lynn and Vin arrived → afternoon swim (again) → lunch at Robertson Quay using Entertainer app and bill amounted to only $31 for four (cheap thrill!) → coffee at Smitten → super impromptu trip to Sentosa Wavehouse ‘cos Gillian had discount → flowriding for an hour (but actual playtime for each person was less than ten minutes) → wasted trip to Buona Vista as the place we wanted to eat at was closed argh → Ash left → dinner at Lavender Food Square instead with Loti → reappearance of Ash ‘cos she forgotten her house keys.

What a day!

Back to the main highlight.

Feeling ganchiong, humji, and suaku at the same time ‘cos it’s our first time at Wavehouse, despite it being opened for so long.

Took me a lot of falls and balls to finally stand up without support.. for four seconds. I think I fared the worst among everyone :\

But I had lotsa fun definitely. Felt younger and more alive too 😀

On a random note, I love the random backdrop that Lynn spotted then urged me over to strike a pose.

Zap ϟ ϟ ϟ

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