Jio-ed by Ash, cousin Peimin and I shared a crate stall at Lucky Plaza last Sunday to sell our pre-owned clothes. It was my first flea ever and it was chaotic man. The crowd is Filipino maids (‘cos Sundays are their offs) and they come in HORDES. I’m not kidding you. They’ll rage through the clothes trying to find their own piece of treasure, and honestly it’s damn encouraging compared to the usual quiet fleas at places like Scape. But the dust, the malfunctioned air-con, the standing, the shouting of prices, the lookout for thieves, made up all the sucky but fun factors unique to such an experience. Our clothes started off with 3 for $10, then 4 for $10, 1 for $2, and finally everything $1! </3

Rental was $100 per stall, and after paying it off, I think I earned either $80 or $180. (I chose to believe the latter.) Peimin did better than me but her heart more pain ‘cos her clothes all so expensive when bought. However, we were still happy to clear our wardrobe in exchange for some usable cash. Instant gratification! 😀

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