My previous plan felt more than accomplished. So here’s my first fresh 100-day plan in 2014.

From 14 Feb 2014 – 24 May 2014.

  1. Go for my first health screening. Other than super high bad cholesterol levels and lots of white blood cells in my urine (which I can’t figure out why), all is good. Phew.
  2. Change all my signatures in official accounts (banks, insurance, etc). Done!
  3. Start some shared funds with Loti to save for our wedding / future house. Not shared funds, but we came out with a savings plan.
  4. Photoshoot with my bike. Shot, and sold.
  5. Switch my entire camera system from Canon to Nikon. Join the dark side muahahaha. Switched with no regrets.
  6. Do 7-minute exercise at least three mornings per week. It’s one of the ways to kick-start a productive day. (Succeeded about 70% of the time.)
  7. Try a new activity or sport. Played penny stocks, skated on a penny board. I think there were a couple of others which I can’t recall.
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