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Month: June 2014

Reflections of an Ex-rider

It would have been her third glorious year with me today if she’s still around.

Many factors had led me to the decision to let mehmeh go, and I have to admit, a big part of me died together with her. Two years ago, I was so full of myself boasting about how riding is king. However, after my first and second accident, I guess I can never speak with the same tone again.

The Pros of Not Riding in Singapore

1. Reduced risk of dying. Much.

It’s harder to die from bus and MRT accidents I guess, but you might die from the occasional rude person and influx of foreigners who don’t bathe.

2. Ability to do random shit while traveling.

Without having to keep both eyes on the road, I can now keep both eyes closed. Sleep, watch videos, listen to music, read, text, but I usually do the most unproductive thing which is sleep.

3. No need scared kena fined.

Summon aunties, TPs, LTA people, and ERP gantries are no longer threatening to me.

4. Can “lim” loh!

Alcohol drinking is now legit, though I still don’t fancy it. Plus night outs and high cab fares usually come together.

5. More sociable.

You can chat with friend(s) while on the way to a common destination, but can suck too if you’re with a foe or in an anti-social mode.

6. Sheltered.

Lesser exposure to the sun’s UV rays means lesser chances of getting skin cancer. Also lesser chance of turning up at a place looking like a drenched chicken.

7. Many cheebai drivers out there.

Same point because it clearly isn’t enjoyable to ride / drive on the roads of Singapore.

8. Can style hair!

No more flat helmet hair.

This is prolly the last time I’m mentioning my mehmeh. Scooting off bye!

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Whizzing off in a Lambo!

Or maybe it’s more like pissing my pants off in a Lambo!

Friends who saw my Instagram / Facebook post would know that I drove a Lambo for the first time, and all the comments I’ve received were along the lines of, “dashboard too high; seat too low; you look like you’re not enjoying it; is it a toy? etc etc.” Thanks for the love guys. Honestly, I was truly scared la, ‘cos I haven’t driven a car close to four years! 😡

So back track to how and why. It was all thanks to Pezzo’s World Cup campaign supported by Dream Drive that I had a chance to get on a supercar either as a passenger or a driver.

Initially I chose being a passenger in the (four-seater) Maserati GranTurismo together with Loti and a mandatory instructor. BUT, after seeing the bright yellow open top Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder returning from a spin, Loti and I exchanged glances and I’m like, “I’m driving that shit. YOLO!” Seriously, what are the chances that I’ll ever get to sit in a Lambo, much less drive one? Unless I 钓到金龟 lor hahaha.

In I went, after keeping mum about my driving experience and signing the ‘crash and burn’ indemnity form.

So sexay.

And so this was the short clip in case you missed it.

People who are dying to get on one of these supercars can either pay for your dream drive, else try to win it by nomming three slices of Pezzo pizzas everyday from now (till 13 July 2014). Good luck! 😉

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Fino ✖️ Caviga ✖️ Humans

Sometime back as planned, Loti helped me with a photoshoot of mehmeh and bro’s bike, so I have some last memories before tucking her safely in a corner of my heart :’)

It was dawn when we arrived at some ulu place. Cold and dark, we began hunting for a suitable place to shoot.

Loti discovered a spot at the Lorong Halus Wetland and it was puuurrfect!

First rays.

FTW = Fuck the World.


Dedication <3

But first, let me take a selfie.

Bad cop.

Love the candidness.

Trying to look aspirational.

This Will Give You Epilepsy

On a sidenote, I’ve returned from Krabi with my family and despite being my third visit there, it was fucking awesome. Updates. Soon.

My Own Singapore Tourist Meme

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Pe (N + G + B)(ang): Day 2

The second and last day was a rush. Continue reading

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Pe (N + G + B)(ang): Day 1

It all started with my Darth Vader breathing noises in office (which my colleagues couldn’t stand), so they urged to go for treatment and we randomly booked a weekend trip to Penang, ‘cos I once mentioned about a legendary sinus doctor there (more about this in Day 2). Continue reading

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