Read this from my colleague’s Faceboook posts and I’m inspired to challenge myself as well – to list 3 things I’m grateful over for the next 7 days. Today is the beginning of a new month and week, which seems like a perfect day to start.

Day 1 (1 Sep)

  1. As much as it’s a Monday and a busy one to start with (due to a pitch), I’m grateful that our team never fail to help each other out, and don’t play “abandon ship.”
  2. Overtime dinner was at Fish & Co. Glass House and I’m grateful for the dining vouchers I had won (with my girlfriends) through their foosball competition at their event some time back. The perks of a food blogger, ha!
  3. I’m grateful that I am friends with most of my colleagues and they’re willing to share things even like intimate family stories with me. And upon hearing theirs, I’m grateful to belong to a family where it feels like one without much complicated family issues.

Day 2 (2 Sep)

  1. Loti called for a quick chat in the morning and I’m grateful for little actions like these – that we still have each other in mind despite our busy schedules.
  2. Over our weekly meeting, our team leader shared some tips regarding sitting postures so we don’t strain our back due to long office working hours. I’m grateful that she cares for our well-being.
  3. Tuesdays are squash days and I’m grateful I have a kaki in the office to drag each other along for exercising every week ‘cos health is as important as work.

Day 3 (3 Sep)

  1. I’m grateful that I discovered there’s Crazy Taxi on iPhone! Haha I don’t usually play games but this was like my teenagehood :’)
  2. Having colleagues whom I can hang out with after work is worth being grateful for (‘cos it was something I used to envy). They’re steady people, even if it means walking from Clarke Quay to MBS.
  3. Due to my bro’s part-time job as a mooncake promoter, we got to try lots of snow skin mooncakes from a few hotels. The thing that I’m most grateful for is that he used money from his own pockets to buy some of them back just to let us try, despite me knowing that he’s not someone who is willing to spend much on food.

Day 4 (4 Sep)

  1. Despite everyone’s teasing and questions about me and Jo’s “lesbianship” in the office, I’m still grateful to have her as a close girlfriend to share almost everything. Never thought I’d be able to do this again.
  2. Date day with Loti and because I said we keep going to the same places, he suggested to travel to Bedok this time. So we did, and I’m grateful that Loti gives a shit about my feedback hahahah.
  3. Went over to Loti’s place to stay, and I’m grateful that his mum and aunt sees me as part of the family almost since day one – always showering me with concern and food 🙂

Day 5 (5 Sep)

  1. Grateful to see my loved one first thing in the morning and have someone kiss me goodbye before leaving the house.
  2. I secretly enjoy setting off from Loti’s place for work because of the shorter travelling time. I’m grateful that I get to sleep a lil’ longer.
  3. Not feeling well in the evening so I headed home to sleep (on a Friday night). Grateful for the unmatched comfort in my own bed that no where else has.

Day 6 (6 Sep)

  1. I’m grateful that my family gathers on every Saturday morning for catching up over brunch, though this week was without my bro’s presence due to his work.
  2. Spent a whole afternoon at home organising photos and whatnot, and I’m grateful for this rest as I’ve been out consecutively everyday for almost two weeks.
  3. Loti, on the other hand, slept his afternoon and when we finally met it was 9.30pm. Apparently his Friday night was much more happening than mine, and I’m grateful for his transparency towards me in everything he does 🙂

Day 7 (7 Sep)

  1. Woke up early wanting to go for a swim nearby. Bro heard and offered me a ride to and fro SAFRA for that and I’m grateful.
  2. Today is a quiet Sunday and I’m grateful for the peace I have to complete editing my diving video (which I’ll post soon).
  3. I felt very lazy for the rest of the day and I’m grateful that dad packed dinner so I don’t have to move hahaha. (He was also lazy and just wanna watch TV.)

Much as I was afraid I won’t be able to complete this challenge, I did, without much struggle. There are endless stuffs worth complaining everyday, but if you learn how to count your blessings, you realise you’re actually much more fortunate than you think. People who wants more self-love should totally take this challenge. Over to you!

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