That’s how my parents pronounce ‘USS’ (Universal Studios Singapore). Been talking about bringing them there for more a year, and finally an off in-lieu came in time.

Tricked our parents to get on to the Mummy indoor roller coaster ride and they had a scare of their lives. *Evil laughs.

And mummy wanted revenge lol.

I was genuinely shocked when that guy suddenly swooped down to scare me lol.

Mel’s Drive-In.

New found love for Oscar.

Hopped to the S.E.A. Aquarium after. Bumped into bro’s friend who took us on a mini tour.

That’s not the actual face of a stingray but it looks super cute.

Us looking at the world’s largest aquarium (or not). 蓝蓝一片, can’t see shit in this photo hah.

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