It’s not the most productive year in the context of work, but it has definitely been adventurous and fruitful. I’ve unlocked a lot of first times – some of which are highlighted in the video, but the complete list is here:

  1. Flowriding.
  2. Playing a penny board.
  3. Riding an ATV.
  4. Water rafting.
  5. Riding 150km on a manual bike.
  6. Driving a lambo.
  7. Go-karting.
  8. Surfing.
  9. Jumping off two stories.
  10. Stand up paddling.
  11. Driving overseas.
  12. Zipping through a zipline.
  13. Bungee jumping.
  14. Windsurfing. (That’s when I lost my GoPro Hero3.)
  15. Trying out Muay Thai.

Looking forward to more exciting stuffs in the coming year. 2015, bring it on!