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Year: 2015 (page 1 of 10)

2015 Best Nine

This was supposed to an Instagram thing, but I wanna talk more about my year here.

2015 had been a rather unpredictable and emotional one for me. Instagram always showcases the good moments, (because who would upload a photo of themselves sad? Actually some girls would HAHA.) but people don’t see the bad stuffs that happen offline. Anyways, that’s how social media works. Here are my best nine moments of the year.

  1. Quit my job unexpectedly.
  2. Got a promotion in the next job!
  3. Picked up some calligraphy / hand / brush lettering thing.
  4. Dyed my hair purple and blue (loudest colours in my life thus far).
  5. Got to travel on eight different trips to seven different countries, including two which are totally new.
  6. Dived at three places (and saw cute thresher sharks).
  7. Tried batting for the first time.
  8. Rode a hot air balloon for the first time.
  9. Ran Chocolate Origin’s social media accounts (it’s fun!) and I’ll continue on next year.

2016 will be a life-changing year where I’ll get my own house and be in-debt for the rest of my life. Looking forward, not.

HongKong@2x: Video

Most videography kudos to Jo, and she took so much footages we ended up with close to 200 clips for a 5-day trip. This was why the video took a tad long to produce hiak hiak 😉

From the Same Trip

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HongKong@2x: Day 5

Last day was the chillest of all (in terms of weather and activity). Continue reading

HongKong@2x: Day 4

Finally! A day of places that I’ve never been to before. I totally didn’t mind revisiting places but it’s still always exciting to be in somewhere new. Continue reading

HongKong@2x: Day 3

The day where we didn’t had much luck. Continue reading

HongKong@2x: Day 2

Woke up on second day and Jo was officially down with fever, so I had to pungseh her and bring Dad out for breakfast hahaha. Continue reading

HongKong@2x: Day 1

My third trip with Jo this year and also my third with Dad. This weird combi formed because of an airfare sale in April so Jo and I booked for November for the chilly weather. I then dragged Dad along because he had been wanting to go Hong Kong and to travel solo but he can’t stand sitting the plane alone (very “chee cham” he said). Continue reading

#FollowMeTo: Vietnam ✖️ Laos 2015

VIETnomnomnom till LAOSai and BANGKnOcKout: Video

The 22 days spent in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand were incredible. There were lots of first times for Loti and I – seeing sand dunes, riding on mountainous roads, getting into bike accidents overseas, visiting a village school, staying in a kampong, (not) sleeping on sleeper buses, crossing country borders by buses, finding accom on-the-go, getting on a hot air balloon, being stranded in the river, and many more unforgettable (sweet and bitter) moments. I dare say that is our most adventurous trip till date. It was also our first official backpacking trip and of course, it won’t be the last 🙂

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VIETnomnomnom till LAOSai and BANGKnOcKout: Day 22

Last day of our trip. You can already guess how Loti and I felt. Continue reading

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