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Month: February 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Pulau Ubin

Been over a decade since I crossed the shores to this island and we finally made it happened last Sunday, with my steady colleagues. Loti and I were the only two crazies who woke up at 5.30am to cycle all the way there, but bringing our own bikes felt really great. It was also my first (very noob) off-road trail. Nothing surprising, accident-prone me had two great falls wahahaha. Shag day.

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#FollowMeTo: Korea 2014

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#HandInHand: Korea 2014

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It’s Fabuary Oredy

I’ve finally completed my Korea trip posts, after four months. Still got a video to go. T_T Sometimes I wonder why I bother~

2015 started gay (which also means happy) with a fresh splash on ma hair!

As usual, my hairdresser recommended the colour, which I have low expectations of, but in the end it worked out to be a lot better than I thought. And yay, it lasted till now, CNY.

Update again. Waking up in four hours’ time to cycle to Pulau Ubin and back. Please pray that I don’t die thanks.

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Anyhowsayyo 안녕하세요: Video

With high expenses and crude people, South Korea isn’t the most amazing country to travel to (at least for Loti and I). But of course, there’re always moments that were worth savouring, especially Jeju, and not forgetting the awesome weather and pretty autumn foliage!

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By the last day in Seoul, we couldn’t wait to zhao. I think it was mainly our accommodation which made us that way. Continue reading

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Anyhowsayyo 안녕하세요: Day 14

Went on a half-day morning tour to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) 한반도 비무장지대, between North and South Korea. Continue reading

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Trip to Namiseom Island 남이섬 종합휴양지 or better known as Nami in short. Continue reading

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