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Month: March 2015

Health is Gold

Don’t take your health for granted – something that we say enough but don’t practice it enough. It’s until recently when my brother got hospitalised for ten whole days due to Pneumonia, followed by Loti now whom also got warded for the same reason, then me catching a normal cold (but can’t help to be a bit paranoid about it), that I feel the weightage of that sentence.

It’s already a pain to watch them go through all the needles and medication, much less them expereincing it. I ask for nothing more than a speedy recovery and healthy bodies once again.

100-day Plan IX

From 21 Mar 2015 – 28 Jun 2015.

  1. Mockup my portfolio site. Not the actual site, but I’ve launched a temporary one.
  2. Complete my Korea and Yogyakarta trip videos. Half done.
  3. Visit the TCM for my sinus. Yup, consulted but didn’t buy the medicine separately ‘cos I’m intimidated by all the preparation.
  4. Meet up with the pre-wed photographer to lock down on the shoot date and theme :O (Nope, probably postponing the shoot to next year or should we even have a shoot at all?)
  5. Try a new activity, perhaps batting or something. Yup, batting, mini hot air balloon ride, and paintball.
  6. Hoola hoops twice a week. (Zero count LOL.)
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