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Month: April 2015

Yogyakarta = Jogjakarta ≠ Jakarta: Day 3

Our rendezvous ended in a blink. Continue reading

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Yogyakarta = Jogjakarta ≠ Jakarta: Day 2

The second day was our only full “travel” day. Engaged a driver through Yogyakarta Driver Atok and his son (Adit) came to pick us up at 3.30am. He was damn punctual, and pleasant too. Continue reading

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Yogyakarta = Jogjakarta ≠ Jakarta: Day 1

A short getaway to a nearby Indonesia because Jo and I can’t afford to take too many days off together – the woes of having a girlfriend working in the exact same department in the same company. But we shan’t complain, and anyway it’s our first time travelling one-to-one with each other, and we might not be cut out as travel buddies (as according to her T_T hahaha). Continue reading

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Life in Circles IX

Discovery of hipster cafes in JB; Mirum launch; Chinese New Year; first (KPO-ing of) video shoot; family times; good times and bad times.

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Da Vinci x Prudential Singapore Eye

Honestly, I only wanted to go to the ArtScience Museum because I thought that every Monday got free entry to Prudential Singapore Eye. But because I pa jiao read wrong (it’s only the FIRST Monday of the month), so I ended up paying for two exhibitions instead ‘cos more wu hua. Go in act one art but most of the times I’m like uhhhhh whuttttt? Especially all the cheem drawings and theories by Da Vinci.

Volkswagen Beetle ball.

Got scolded by trying to pose my proud customised shoe with the exhibit :\

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