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Month: May 2015

A Chapter Closes

Another one opens.

Yes, the team had escaped together and we are all freemen, for now. It had been a great three years and this wouldn’t be my longest staying job if not for the people. Lots of ups and downs, fun and depressing times, and we all pulled through together. I’ve grown a plenty too – from a nonchalant-just-wanna-work-and-go-home-colleague to a don’t-mind-long-hours-because-can-have-dinner-together-friend. Our departure was abrupt but we know that this isn’t goodbye.

Lots of things happened following my last day of work. Happy shit sad shit but I’m glad I got to get away from Singapore to take my mind off some matters. Traveled to Bali and Philippines and now I’m back retarded in operating a computer hahaha. I got tons of photos to update again and I think it’ll take a while to do so. So many things I wanna do and even halting work for three months don’t seem enough.

Cheers to slothing!

Right limits. Once you're right, you have a solution. All avenues are closed. All bets are off. Pack up, go home, nothing to see, nothing to explore. Furthermore, right stops you being wrong... and wrong is glorious. Wrong is where the fun lies. Wrong is what brings you freedom, and joyful work, and stupid ideas, i.e. play.

Yogyakarta = Jogjakarta ≠ Jakarta: Video

A short clip to sum up our short (but fulfilling) trip.

From the Same Trip

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