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Month: June 2015

The Cursed Bali: Day 1

My previous trip to Bali was uncursed because we didn’t make it to Tanah Lot. Well, this time we did (but not on day 1 though). Continue reading

100-day Plan X

It’s my 10th plan, which means after this I’ll have reach 1000 days. Feels good to stick to this longer than expected 😉

From 29 Jun 2015 – 6 Oct 2015.

  1. Exercise twice a week. Been slacking too much. (70% there.)
  2. Make warm honey lemon drink twice a week. (Made it almost every weekday and ma honey’s running out fast.)
  3. Explore a new place/estate once a month with Loti. (Buona Vista in July, nothing in August, Henderson/Bukit Merah in September. 66% done?)
  4. Complete at least five illustrations for my pet project ‘Same Same But Different‘ with Jo. (We only did one which is still unpublished.)
  5. One brush/hand lettering piece per week. Doesn’t have to to be perfect, just need to get started. (Done.)
  6. Buy my first travel backpack. (Bought, used and abused.)

A Walk Among the Dead

An interesting Hakka cemetery called Ying Fo Fui Kun 应和会馆双龙山 in between Holland Village and Commonwealth.

Rows of tombstones.

Seated just amongst HDB blocks.

Hello I’m Still Alive

Forcing a hipster badge in because I wanna act like one with this new haircut. It’s been almost half a year since I last groomed my hair, so I decided to try something bolder this time.

I have been slacking and not updating I know, but I’m gonna start. I have four holidays worth of backlog and (of which three are beaches) I’m going for another beach holiday this weekend. This space is gonna look like a sand and sea spam soon. Get redez!

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