It’s my 10th plan, which means after this I’ll have reach 1000 days. Feels good to stick to this longer than expected 😉

From 29 Jun 2015 – 6 Oct 2015.

  1. Exercise twice a week. Been slacking too much. (70% there.)
  2. Make warm honey lemon drink twice a week. (Made it almost every weekday and ma honey’s running out fast.)
  3. Explore a new place/estate once a month with Loti. (Buona Vista in July, nothing in August, Henderson/Bukit Merah in September. 66% done?)
  4. Complete at least five illustrations for my pet project ‘Same Same But Different‘ with Jo. (We only did one which is still unpublished.)
  5. One brush/hand lettering piece per week. Doesn’t have to to be perfect, just need to get started. (Done.)
  6. Buy my first travel backpack. (Bought, used and abused.)