I held off plan XI for a month because I was travelling and didn’t make sense to plan anything productive out of Singapore. Now that I’m trying to plan my plans, I realise things are starting to get repetitive. Some stuff that I wanted to do previously had already been cultivated into habits in me, which tells me one thing – 100-day plans have served their purposes.

The 10th and final plan was celebrated, and perfect 10 is a perfect number for closure. I have definitely became more disciplined throughout the (almost) three years of trying to act on my plans and I shall let the momentum carry on naturally.

Anyway, here I’m back with blue tattooed hair after visiting three countries. It had been my most adventurous trip thus far and it was my first time trying to draft blog posts on the go so I have closer recollections to my holiday experiences. And also so I can start posting faster, wait for it 😉

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