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Month: March 2016

Taiwan Onederlust: Day 4

Slept in and took my morning slow. Continue reading

Taiwan Onederlust: Day 3

It was a dulan day as I made my way to a village in Taitung 台東 called Dulan. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 2

It was my only full day in Taipei and there was no other better day to visit my most-looking-forward-to-Yangmingshan 陽明山. Continue reading

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Taiwan Onederlust: Day 1

I had my last solo trip 4.5 years ago and it was right before I got attached (didn’t time that btw, was supposed to be forever alone all the way lol). And since then, Loti didn’t allow me to go on a solo trip hahaha (he says solo for what?) until he recently wanted to do some self discovery and went to Vietnam alone (*roll eyes), so I followed suit. Picked Taiwan because it’s safe and a place I’m familiar with (can chillax more), and I’ve never visited it in cooling weather. So there I was for a week, celebrating my last solo trip as a legal single. I call it a bachelorette party for one. (Too bad no strippers.) Continue reading

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Where Are You Now, Starlet

It was a cold and starry night sleepy morning. The video shoot was also decided very last minute as my bro’s first car found its new owner sooner than expected.

Pumpin’ petrol, pumpin’ hearts.

Somehow, bro, Loti and I ended up at Lorong Halus again, the same place we did the photo shoot before I sold my bike.

Though it wasn’t properly planned, I’m quite happy with the end results of our first automobile video. Very feeling.

So feeling we both fell asleep on the highway.

Singapore, Through Jaded Eyes

Photos way overdue, like > half a year ago.

The End of Life

People always look forward to the end of everything. The end of a working day, the end of a working week, the end of a project, the end of the year. But as we wish for time to move faster to the end of all these, we are also indirectly looking forward to the end of life.

Actually, I kinda look forward to the end of life in some way. (I’m not committing suicide don’t worry.) It’s just that I’ve always wondered about death in the most curious way. What would it feel like? Will it be just dark nothingness or will your soul leave your body and an afterlife continues? I choose to believe the latter.

They always say things like treasure every single day, live life to the fullest, etc, but the truth is – there will never be a better time to die. We all will have unfinished business regardless of our age; we all can never say our goodbyes soon enough; we all can never appreciate our loved ones enough; we all will have our regrets.

I know I am someone who constantly tries to save stuffs for the future or good days. Like I am thrifty because I wish to enjoy more in my older years; like I hold off giving a gift to someone until there’s an occasion; like I keep wanting to write this post but I don’t get to it. Hahaha nay that’s just pure procrastination, but you get the drift.

When I die, don’t be sad for me because I believe it’s not the end of life, it’s the beginning of an adventure. Whether it’s having my tongue cut off, burning in hell, or having the ability to pass through walls and coming back to haunt you, I still look forward to it.

People who will be at my funeral (and not play mahjong), I love you.

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