This was the day I was most excited about, but it turned out to be possibly the lamest day. (I think it beat the Yangmingshan 陽明山 day, hands down.)

Firstly, it was a Monday (at last!), so I went to change money at the Bank of Taiwan.

Kaching! I don’t have to starve once again (or that’s why I thought hahaha).

Then because the bank only opened at 9am, I could only take the 11.30am Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 台灣好行 to Luye. (Actually if I planned it properly I might be able to catch the 9.30am one sigh.)

Anyways, when I arrived at Luye Gaotai 鹿野高台 at 12.50pm, I received some help from a local and found the paragliding counter.

Due to the not-so-good weather, they were the only store opened for business. Eagerly went to sign up with them and threw my NT$2500, feeling damn excited.

Saw this paraglider but little did I knew that it was gonna be the last one that I’d see for the day.

Because after one hour of waiting around, they told me that the fog had over taken the mountain hence the paragliding activity was cancelled. CANCELLED GODDAMNIT. That was the only reason I came to Taitung 台東 for what the hell. Though I kept telling myself to have 心里准备, I still couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Oh wells, blame it on myself for not changing money in Taipei 台北. If not for this morning’s errand I could had came here much earlier and still be able to paraglide in the morning. It was truly a butterfly effect for something as small as not changing money *#]*%+~>\!

So there I was, stuck here with nothing to see except for this lame patch of grass.

Lame grass. Lame scenery. Lame lame lame.

The return shuttle to Taitung City was at 3.10pm, and since I had so much time, I thought I’d take a walk to the next bus stop at Luye Visitor Centre.

But all I saw was even lamer scenery.


The walk was 1.5km and it was a dead town when I arrived. I guess Luye Gaotai 鹿野高台 is really only worth visiting during its peak which is the hot air balloon festival.

Oh and there also wasn’t any restaurants or eateries opened. I had two tea eggs and a hot cup of tea as lunch. Got money also cannot buy food.

Waited in the rain with this chubby Shiba for the return shuttle.

It was 4.30pm when I finally got back to city. What a complete waste of time.

Wanted to explore the city but the rain only got heavier.

Sought refuge at 7-eleven with a hot bowl of oden and soup because I really don’t know what to eat there. See? Got money my life also no difference LOL.

Cycled back in the rain to my apartment – my only comfort. Had a hot shower and I started to feel unwell. Popped some medicine and rested really early at 7pm. But, for some reason, I couldn’t sleep well in my nice room and bed. Took me two hours to fall asleep and I kept waking up in between. The same thing happened the previous night. Maybe I’m only meant to sleep well in cheap beds (what a cheap life I have) hahahaha.

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