The rain on my last day was the heaviest one which lasted all day. Maybe the skies were weeping that I had to go hahaha.

Wanted to wake up early for coffee and visit the Daan Forest Park but the rain was a perfect excuse for me to continue curling up in bed till check out at 11am.

Then slowly made my way to eat my most expensive meal which I had reserved at 三花日式料理 – an atas Japanese restaurant.

Reached on time and I saw that it wasn’t opened. My heart sank as I bought a cheese hotdog from 7-eleven (‘cos I was freaking hungry) and continued waiting for it to open. Then I saw a man walking towards the door and I quickly went up to him and asked if he worked there. Ended up he was a customer (mad paiseh) and all he did was push the door open and enter. :O :O :O REALISATION!

Can’t blame me when their entrance looked like that. (Yes, I’m the loser in the yellow raincoat lol.)

Luckily they didn’t reject me for being late. Chose a NT$2000 kaiseki lunch and waited eagerly as the courses unfolded in front of me.

Sorry let me spam my pretentious food photos