The most physically demanding day throughout our trip, I think.

Loti and I dragged our bodies awake and out of the hostel by 4am. Actually, that was supposed to happen the previous morning but we couldn’t wake up and had to tell the hostel to postpone our bike rental 😐

The central market 大阪市中央卸売市場 felt so much nearer by wheels, duh.

A very lively scene greeted us when we arrived.

Giant tunas (fresh and frozen) were lying all around waiting to be sold and eaten muahahaha.

With sharp dings of the bell, the auction started.

I had no idea what the Japanese were chanting and yelling and how the auction worked and how they knew who bid for which, but it was all very interesting to look at.

Large tunas were dispatched very quickly from floor to stall all within half an hour.

Some serious slicing here.

Loti and I are starting to fall in love with city bikes after riding a couple of them overseas. Becoming aunty and uncle already haha.

We waited for Endo Sushi 中央市場 ゑんどう寿司 to open and relive our heavenly experience.

The 5am face.

Managed to get the counter seats this time.

Delicious dejavu~

We only had about an hour to nap after getting back to the hostel and we were off again!

It was actually quite easy and inexpensive to travel from Osaka 大阪 to Kyoto 京都 by their local train. 原来 not everything is by Shinkansen.

We went to the far end of Kyoto.. a place called Kurama 鞍馬. Loti and I locked our baggage there and went off to explore.

Took a tram up the mountain.

After the temples, the 3km trek began. Actually it was considered to be a fairly easy trek (with more downhills than uphills) but I wasn’t feeling well so it felt like an endless torture.

Perfect place to shoot my new baby! It was love at first sight.

At last! This marked the end of the trail. Welcome to Kibune 貴船!

There was another temple called Kifune Shrine 貴船神社.

Loti insisted to play the lots thing, and it was quite hi-tech – can scan QR code for translation one :O

It was a good lot, but to me it’s still a tourist gimmick haha.

Then we walked further down to the end of the mountain to look for this restaurant that sits on top of a waterfall. Apparently there were many similar ones, but Kibune Beniya 貴船べにや seemed the most popular.

Our meal above water 😀

By that time I was literally dying – dying of sickness and coldness. I so wished I could stay longer to enjoy the amazing setting but all I wanted to do was to leave.

Checked in to Len Kyoto 京都河原町 – happiest sight of the day wahahaha!

Their cafe transforms into a super happening bar at night.

They only had bunk beds left when we booked but Loti and I die die wanna try this hostel. No ragrets though. Their bed was so super comfortable I had an instant KO.

We only woke up at night to have a dinner of instant noodles, then went back to continue KO-ing.

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