Seven years ago, I fell in love with the colonial houses at Seletar Camp.

They looked very scary back then, and we could totally enter them to explore the hauntedness and inhale the stench of built up pee over the years.

Now, they’re all bright and sunshiny.

So clean and locked up we couldn’t even peer in.

Still a pretty place. Some houses had already been converted into haunted restaurants, and more will be converted soon.

Then! An accidental opposite direction of a bus ride led us to the discovery of a private jetty near Yishun.

This was the only gate that was left opened that seemed trespassable :p

Wtf sia I never knew Singapore still has a hidden kampong with people still fishing for a living :O

Wanted to wait till sunset but an uncle told us the gate would be closed soon. (Maybe he just wanted to chase us out hahaha.) This was good enough for me.

Walked to Yishun Dam to watch the sunset happen instead.

The faces of my partners in crime!

Ain’t no Stan Smith, but I love them the same.

And then, sunset 😀