Much needed beachy break in September. So I jio-ed Lynn and she jio-ed her husband, and boom – there I was, being a super big lightbulb on a trip with the couple to the islands off Bali.

I’ve heard so much about the Gili islands. Clear waters, happening place, excellent dive spots, and September seemed like a good season to go underwater.

The transportation there from Bali was a headache though. I found Bali Guider, whose prices were one of the friendliest, to organise our land and boat transfers to and fro the islands, but it didn’t turn out to be a very pleasant experience.

Firstly, we paid extra for a private pickup as our flight arrival was past the usual pickup timing, but they were late -.-

After we arrived at the Padang Bai harbour, the wait was forever. Three of us were the only asians seen to be heading to Gili in the sea of ang mohs.

Had a sucky and expensive lunch of nasi goreng.

Finally about to board the fast boat to Gili!

After about two hours on the really fast boat, we arrived at the long-awaited island.

Checked in to Manta Dive resort, because we wanted to dive with them, not (LOL).

Open shower = open to mosquitoes too.

Manta Dive was heading to the manta point dive site the next day, and we signed up for it (though there wasn’t any mantas spotted for months). Later, we walked along the streets and changed our minds. We enquired at another dive shop whom was going to shark point instead (which sounds more likely to spot sharks), so we cancelled upon Manta Dive. Such fuckers we are.

Dinner time! We headed to the night market for cheap food.

Most stalls sell the same stuff – seafood, skewers, BBQ shit. We settled for one near the entrance to find out that they charged us 10K rupiah extra for each skewer hahah.

Fatty pancake for dessert.

Still feeling greedy, I ordered a bowl of roadside mee bakso. Soup was power, didn’t like the baksos.

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