“Hei hei” means “hello hello” in Finnish. (Sorry still missing Finland because I spent my first overseas New Year’s eve/New Year/Christmas there. *Humble brags LOL.)

Anyhow, I’m not dead. This blog is.

So… 2017 went pass in a wink. Quite a lot happened:

  • Moved into me and Loti’s own apartment after more than half a year’s reno (because we ask the contractor to take his time and he did).
  • Terminated a negative relationship and stepped out of toxicity.
  • Quit my job!
  • Which sparked of quite a lot of travel opportunities: Bangkok x 2, Huahin, Ho Chi Minh, Melbourne, Perth, Finland.
  • On that note, we finally travelled as a family trip after 3 years, and mum suddenly seemed to get hooked to free-and-easy travels after strongly opposing them her whole life.
  • Also lots of firsts: first Songkran (water festival!), first driving road trip which involves changing cities, first winter, first snowfall.
  • Had our wedding bands inked (plus another ink).
  • Spent a lot on money on medical shit (treat sinus, tailbone pain, this pain, that pain, teeth pain). Really old liao everything lai liao.
  • Bought a Microsoft Surface Book at a steal (I SO HAPPY)!
  • Jumped ship from iPhone to Pixel. 📱
  • Got addicted to a mobile game called “Mobile Legends.” This is already my third account and I think I’ve played over 2000 matches in total, with each match lasting about 15-20 minutes in average, you do the math.. I don’t even wanna go there. The amount of life wasted on it T_T

I’ll add on if I think of any more, but 2017 had been a pretty good year.

Anyway, one major reason to demotivate me to continue blogging is Photobucket.

I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere. Broken images. Not just on mine, but every other person who host their photos with them.

Years, literally YEARS of memories just go poof! No warning whatsoever. And I’m not the only pissed user. I mean technically the photos are still there, it’s just that you now have to pay ($99usd/year) to reactivate the hot link feature to your website/blog/etc. OR you can install a Chrome plugin to view the images. Annoying AF. I refuse to pay, but I’m lazy to download all photos and relink all of them. Maybe one day when I eng eng bo dai ji.

2018 lai ba! – my last year of 20s DDD:

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