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Whizzing off in a Lambo!

Or maybe it’s more like pissing my pants off in a Lambo!

Friends who saw my Instagram / Facebook post would know that I drove a Lambo for the first time, and all the comments I’ve received were along the lines of, “dashboard too high; seat too low; you look like you’re not enjoying it; is it a toy? etc etc.” Thanks for the love guys. Honestly, I was truly scared la, ‘cos I haven’t driven a car close to four years! 😡

So back track to how and why. It was all thanks to Pezzo’s World Cup campaign supported by Dream Drive that I had a chance to get on a supercar either as a passenger or a driver.

Initially I chose being a passenger in the (four-seater) Maserati GranTurismo together with Loti and a mandatory instructor. BUT, after seeing the bright yellow open top Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder returning from a spin, Loti and I exchanged glances and I’m like, “I’m driving that shit. YOLO!” Seriously, what are the chances that I’ll ever get to sit in a Lambo, much less drive one? Unless I 钓到金龟 lor hahaha.

In I went, after keeping mum about my driving experience and signing the ‘crash and burn’ indemnity form.

So sexay.

And so this was the short clip in case you missed it.

People who are dying to get on one of these supercars can either pay for your dream drive, else try to win it by nomming three slices of Pezzo pizzas everyday from now (till 13 July 2014). Good luck! 😉

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Coffee Can Be Surprising!

Went for Dolce Gusto’s event two weeks ago and boy, was I really surprised. (Photo credit: Dolce Gusto)

After having had the luxury of testing a Nespresso Pixie for two weeks, I got spoiled with the ability to enjoy quality coffee anytime from the comfort of my own home.

Then, you ask – what’s the difference between Nespresso and Dolce Gusto? Both brands, though from the same company (Nescafé), targets at different groups I would say. Nespresso products are more for the lifestyle connoisseurs whom really know their coffee, while Dolce Gusto is more for the everyday consumers whom are looking for convenience, variety, hassle-free beverages. (Notice I said beverages, and not just coffee. You’ll see why.)

Specially created to suit the needs of Singaporeans, the new Dolce Gusto Genio posesses an ‘Automatic Flow Stop’ feature so to make preparation much easier. The first generation of Dolce Gusto uses a manual start and stop lever.

And talk about variety! Dolce Gusto really won me over with its many exciting flavours like Green Tea Latte (my favourite!), Vanilla / Caramel Latte Macchiato, Mocha, Chococino, and the list goes on. Their patented technology even allows the making of cold beverages like Cappuccino Ice and Peach Tea.

The catch to such variety lies in the capsules. Conventional coffee machines dispense only espresso (from beans / powder / capsules), and you have to add in frothed milk yourself. Dolce Gusto is capable of dispensing both coffee and milk from pre-packed capsules so there isn’t a need for a separate milk frother.

Love this pop art photo collage that Dolce Gusto gave us!

The Genio is retailing at $259, the Circolo $339, and a box of 16 beverage capsules costs $10.90 in selected supermarkets and stores island-wide. Grab a cuppa fun today!

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Shanghai Dolly at 2pm!

It can only be Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

I didn’t contest la. Just went there to kaypo and kio free pizzas from Domino’s LOL.

Sheron (left) is awesome because she took a photo with me with the self-proclaimed 宇宙大帅哥, Steven Lim, as our backdrop. Hahaha anw, Sheron and I found out that we had pretty similar traits and clicked like how Sagittarians would click with each other!

New friends! One even recognised me as Kaya through cousin Peimin’s blog! Hello!

Photo courtesy of Sheron.

Congrats to the winners of SBA2011!

And the best dressed bloggers. Can you spot infamous Steven Lim again? He said he was dressed as Michael Jackson but I DON’T SEE HOW A SINGLET AND BLACK ORBIANG PANTS PLUS A FISHERMAN’S HAT CAN BE MJ! Seriously, he was THE joke of the day.

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Formula Drift 2011

This year’s Formula Drift was way boring compared to the one I went two years ago. The whole event just felt too “organised” (like law and order you know) that there’s almost zero suspense and excitement.

Okay, some boring photos of the boring event to bore you if you’re feeling bored anyways.

With bro and cousin Alan. Kudos to coussie for treating us there!

As a gesture of appreciation, I treated them to ridiculously expensive and disgustingly dry hotdog buns at $4 each, and pathetic nachos with cheese at $5. Daylight robbery indeed, and I fell for it ‘cos they didn’t display any price.

Of only police cars look that awesome.

When Formula Drift announced their lunch break, we left and went for a gratifying and cheap lunch at City Square.

$6 for a decent salmon shabu shabu set with many many “liao”!

Have a Break, Escape to *SCAPE

And lie on a pile of pillows like it’s your home.

If anyone tries to steal it, pillow fight her!

Hell yeah! That’s Sheron, a blogger friend I made during an event last last Saturday. (OMG I’m backdated I know! Pillow photos credited to her btw.)

The launch of SHINE Youth Festival 2011, BIGGER, BOLDER, BETTER! That’s what I’m talking about. Continue reading

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Waterfront Feast @ Riverside Point

Saw some food trail thingy organised by omy a while ago, and I was like, damn, I wanna go too! Just when can I not get excited about food! So, I think omy heard my cries and organised this Let the Feast Begin series and I successfully RSVP-ed to the Waterfront Feast one 😀

It all started at Jumbo Seafood with the rest of omy bloggers looking happy (and hungry). I was trying to show the crab on my bib but failed. Ended up looking the fattest and most out of place lol.

Favourite chili crab with fried ‘man tou’! BEST COMBI EVER.

Executive Chef Ng sharing with us the success of his award winning dishes, and the chili crab sauce is actually whipped up with 13 different ingredients. No wonder so tasty!

But sorry, I only know how to eat.

Knowing that most people are like me too, Jumbo has worked out a brilliant solution – selling their signature crab sauces in idiot-proof packs for easy cooking at home!

Stock photo-ish hur hur.

This ‘Salted Egg Golden Prawns’ has won Chef Ng the “Best Seafood Dish” at the 2007 Tasty Chef RAS competition, and it definitely lived up its expectations.

After the seafoodlicious kick start, us girls were already warming up and cam whoring by the Singapore river before moving off to our next stop – Café Iguana.

My friend left a tip on foursquare saying that they serve the best nachos, and viola! Here it is, complete with homemade salsa.

With different monthly featured premium tequilas, the Margarita of this month that’s concocted with fresh lime and triple sec has a nice sour twist to it.

Red snapper wrapped with homemade tortillas topped with tomatillo sauce and melted cheese, this dish was pretty much to my liking except that it lacked some spice.

So added a bit of these hot sauces, and trust the Mexicans when they mean hot.

Third stop – Harry’s Bar.

I’m very skeptical and selective when it comes to ‘Fish & Chips’, but this was one of the few that I actually enjoyed. The batter wasn’t too thick or doughy, and you could taste the freshness of the soft white meat that lies within.

From left to right: Yuting, me, Sharon, Celeste, and Becky. Another glass of alcohol + a chillax environment = more warming up. (Group photos courtesy of Becky.)

Last stop – Brewerkz. True blue beer place, and tell me, how to escape drinking?

Three handcrafted beers from left to right – Kölsch, Steam Beer, and the new Scholar Red. I’m not a big beer fan so I shan’t comment much. I can only make merry out of fruit beers which I know Brewerkz serves but didn’t get a chance to try! Well, I shall come back another time for that because I know I got a lil’ high already.

I started doing the silliest things which I was extremely aware of but I just couldn’t be bothered. All the other bloggers were laughing at me and honestly, it was embarrassing for a first impression but whatever la! That was the real Kaiyi muahaha.

Alcohol really breaks the ice, even as early as 4pm in the evening.

And what is beer without Buffalo wings?

From mild, hot, to suicide, I had a go at all three but the suicide wasn’t suicidal lei. My tolerance level for spiciness is quite high (and so are most of the Singaporeans), so I guess this was no kick to me. The taste was alright though.

The feast ended at about 6pm, but I stayed on to chat / bitch with Sharon and Celeste till about 7pm+ as though we were girlfriends hanging out after a meal. This was one of the very rare events that I attended alone and could be myself, and I seriously give credit to the alcohol, plus the awesome company of course 😉

Last but not least, check out all the feasting promos here!

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On the Papers!

My first appearance on mainstream media! It was in ‘我报’ last week, and though I wasn’t mentioned in the article, seeing my photo there is already a biggie for me :DD

But that’s not my point, my point is I just wanna get your attention, because I’ll be hosting a mini contest in my blog to give away a $200 Kit Kat® kit. Stay tuned!

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Have a Break and Art Jam!

Or you can art butter / art kaya / art peanut butter whatever. Okay, la-me stuffs aside. GOOD NEWS IS, I got shortlisted for the Kit Kat®‘s Yer Big Break! Blog Challenge due to my previous post! Woo hoo!

So, to kick start the whole event line-up, 6 omy blogger finalists (the other 4 were out of town) got together for an art jamming session at my art space.

The studio was housed in one of those quaint old shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road, and the very moment I set foot in, I felt that I’ve entered a different world.

Littered with crude paint stains art grime and all, this whole grungy little space somehow soothes my inner self. You know, the kind of feeling you get (at certain places) where the world just suddenly seemed to spin slower.

Not long after, we geared up in aprons and the art jamming began!

So what exactly is art jamming, you ask. Honestly speaking, I have no idea. The only jam I know of is the music kind, and er, the kind on your bread. I’m totally new to this, but it’s nothing too complicated.

Basically, art jamming is free play painting party with diverse musical genres playing in the background (from Pop, R&B to Soul); which simply means, have fun!

Full-time artist bringing us through the basics of canvas painting.

THE empty canvas. Omg I hate this. It’s the exact same feeling I get whenever I open up a new Photoshop document, and I get freaked out by staring into a blank canvas with a blank mind. Sorry hur, occupational disease.

We were asked to paint what having a break means to us, and with a picture in my head, I got down to work.

I imagined myself cruising down an endless stretch underneath the clear blue skies with candies and chocolates (Kit Kat included of course) planted on both sides of the road. Whoa! Hallucinations of a sweet tooth 😀

20 minutes into it and this was what I got – nowhere close to what I wanted so I gave up and requested for a brand new canvas :\

Wrong move, because I ended up not having enough time to finish my second piece. And now that I looked back, the first draft didn’t look THAT bad after all.

Photos courtesy of omy.

Each of us (both bloggers and organisers) had a chance to paint and talk about our own masterpiece, and I thought everyone there are all quite artistically inclined! You think?

We also got to meet Beru Betto, the female illustrator of this artwork.

It’s one of the model works of Kit Kat®’s Yer Big Break! contest if you remember.

And tadah! Here’s my final art piece which I’m not very satisfied with 🙁 The idea is a fantasy world with happy people dancing to music, fishing for Kit Kat, and climbing a ladder (????) on cloud nine. Lol does it even make any sense?

I think I’m too “safe” for art jamming la. You know how some people who can whip out a brush and throw random colours but end product still turn out freaking nice. Damn envious okay.

With both of my half completed paintings.

Me and fellow bloggers, or you can call them competitors wahahaha.

All of us!

Kit Kat also gave us an exclusive take home art jamming kit. Super cute right! Check out the miniature canvas!

Remember, have a break and have a stick..

..of Kit Kat.

See how more people have their kind of break at Kit Kat®‘s Yer Big Break! Blog Challenge.img src=”” class=”alignnone” /

Driving Imagination

When I knew that Peimin and I were two of the lucky 30 whom got picked by omy to attend the ‘Francis Cheong Show at Audi Fashion Festival 2011’, boy, was I exhilarated yet stressed out at the same time!

Automobiles, fashion, runway, models, flashing lights, music – exciting.

DRESS CODE: “DANGEROUSLY LUXURIOUS” – hair pulling. Dressing to kill is so not my thing.

Arriving at the doors of the actual event intensified the stress level by three folds, at least. Seeing the glammed-up ladies and suited gentlemen around me, ‘atas‘ and all, threw me completely out of place. But I know it was purely psychological T_T Luckily I had Peimin with me.

Thanks coussie :’) If not for her, I would also not have nice photos for this post because I was an unbelievable muddlehead to forget my camera. So pardon the repeated photos that you had already seen on her blog ok.

So many people! Like high class clubbing lol.

Dangerous, not. Damn, should have brought a gun!

Trying to act like I was paparazzied.

But I think Peimin and I were the real paparazzi, or rather, stalkers, ‘cos we spotted Pierre Png among the crowd and we followed him around for quite a bit before plucking up courage to ask for a photo with him. Peimin was the brave one whom approached his beautiful wife anyways, I just hid one corner and watched LOL.

YAY love this photo! They are such a friendly and gorgeous pair :))


Peimin and I and my pit fats waiting for the show to start. Hate tube tops for that reason hah.

Starring famous fashion designer, Francis Cheong, and his collection in the light of Club Chinoiserie.

Think trendy unconventional Oriental.

The close up shots are credited to omy because we were seated too far back with no powderful zoom lens.

My favourite outfit of the show.

The only decent photo I managed to capture with my iPhone cam -_-

Francis Cheong showed face.

And Christy Chung!!!

She simply shines like sparkles and stars at the show. (Just trying to make a tongue twister.)

The finale. I thought most of the models were recycled until all of them came out at once. They look so similar please!

Fellow omy bloggers.

With omy Janet, with the main sponsor in the backdrop 😉

A big thank you to Marie France Bodyline and omy for giving me the awesome opportunity to attend my first fashion show ever! It was fab!!

Though I was super self-conscious about my own dressing, when I got past that and finally sat down in the dark (where no one can see), I truly loosened up and enjoy the show.

Ending the post with a dashing Audi A1!

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Just THISSSS Close to Meeting Jay Chou

I know I sound like a total bimbo but IDC! Can’t help being drawn to talented men wahahaa.

I did mentioned about making it to the finals of the Green Hornet Side-Kick Contest.

But nope, even with faces looking tough like that, we didn’t win D:

(If I win hor, you wouldn’t only be reading this entry two weeks after the competition.)

Anyhows, it was still quite an experience throwing face publicly on stage at Bugis Junction. Continue reading

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