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Lawfully Wedded

Our wedding is over. So is our honeymoon. Two of our biggest events of the year (and our lives) whizzed past in a flash. All that preparations, anticipation, worries, disagreements, money, yadah yadah, evapourated within half a day. And through the >half year worth of fuss, I couldn’t relate more with these feelings.

On the actual day itself, I had a lot paiseh moments and it is true that no matter how much you plan, the day just unfolds to not how you envisioned it to be. There were a lot of details I wished I had the time to personally take care of, but the whole time Loti and I were running around like mad chickens. Nevertheless, there were no major screw ups, weather god was on our side, and we received generally very positive feedback from our guests and I’m very thankful for that.

When the dust settles, everything feels the same (except I suddenly have to call someone else “mother” which I’m still trying to get used to). I’m back to my normal life with a new status. Will update my honeymoon soon and also my wedding photos when I get them from my official photographer 😉

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The Countdown is Real

I’m getting hitched, in less than 20 days’ time.

Three years ago when Loti proposed, everyone kept asking me when is my wedding etc, until they gave up and forgot about it. Now, it’s happening.

Due to me and Loti’s keep-everything-simple attitude, we seem like one of the most bo chup couples. But honestly, simple simple also got a lot headaches one. And much as we want to escape from all the traditions, there are some wars we cannot win, so follow lorrr. No wonder people always say plan wedding sure fight.

However within lies some fun moments like designing our own wedding invites, Loti decorating the terrarium to be our ring holder, DIY-ing my hand bouquet for the first time, and so on.

Most girls (me inclusive), while growing up, would fantasize about their dream wedding – especially when watching movies or looking at older people you know get married. A decade ago, I’d think that I’ll hold a beach wedding, with my imaginary groom and myself all dressed in white; screen a cheesy video montage and make all my guests laugh; have my groom sing a song for me; take princessy outdoors and studio pre-wedding photos wearing a few killer gowns (LOL).

Now that I’m planning it actually, I know it’ll turn out very different. No beach no montage no song no pre-wed shoots no killer gowns, only gown. I almost even chose one that might cost less than some of my guests hahaha, which I’ll talk more about it in the next post.

Two more weekends to go and I still haven’t gone for my trial make up, gown fitting, and gather all my bridesmaids to decide on gate crashing activities :\ Super wahahaha good luck to me!

May the Fourth Be with You

A hand drawn pop art piece for Loti – the Star Wars / Stormtrooper fan, on our fourth year anniversary. What? So fast?! I also made him a “website” where I exhausted most of my words there so I’ll keep it simple here.

2015 had been a rough year for us. Close friends would know. What seemingly seemed happy and stable on the surface may still be shaken ‘cos life is unpredictable like that. Well, I’m glad we pulled through another hurdle and made it to another 3rd October. Also, it’s our last dating anniversary as we will be getting hitched next year (according to plans), three years after the proposal.

Instead of eating our lives away this time, we spent it by scaring our lives away at USS Halloween Horror Nights 5.

The human crowd and queue time beat all the horror factors that night. We only managed to cover four attractions by 12.30am, and it took me two hours to get home on the night rider. Super tiring please, but thanks for the bringing me there anyway, Loti 🙂

Festive Season

Shiok buffet lunch at Marriott using The Entertainer app before Ash flies off for the year. Always good to have a group of gian peng and tam jiak girlfriends to maximise all the promotions!

Christmas decors are up early and I know mummy spent a great deal of effort putting them up. (Came home to find her burning midnight oil on consecutive nights but she stays up late everyday anyways lol.) She complained that no one appreciates them but WE DO okay. We doesn’t say doesn’t mean don’t have.

No words can describe my feelings when I received a hand painted tote bag from Yun featuring my mehmeh. Even ‘super fucking touched’ is underrated :’) I’ve told her but I’d say it again – she’s one of the most wu xim girlfriends I’ve ever had despite me being not so wu xim anymore. Thanks for the belated birthday treat at a place we’re so familiar with.

This xmas eve was spent with Loti’s family having another hotel buffet at Furama Riverfront. Then when clock stroke twelve, Loti and I cycled to the stadium area to chill. Simple, crowd-free, and alcohol-free.

Gathering at cousin’s place and for the first time in my life, I BINGO-ed! Twice some more. Also won twice in pictionary and collected more presents during exchange. It’s also the first time Loti met with this side of my relatives, and they quite entertaining haha. Thanks Fen for the efforts in organising!

Office closure so I had brunch late lunch with Lynn at fArt tArtz. Took us quite a while to locate and by the time we walked here walked there and reached we were super famished, but the moment the food came, we started taking photos. Priorities! Happy birthday to you again babe. (Please don’t screw up lol.)

YAYYYYY MY 周杰倫! Been four years since I last caught him live, and this time it’s at the new Sports Hub which received a tremendous amount of complaints. Though I prefer indoor stadium too, I enjoyed the concert all the same. Jay had much more interactions with the audiences this time and three lucky brats got to duet with him arghhhhhh! Grateful that Loti was willing to go with me and high with me :*

Family dim sum lunch at Wah Lok restaurant and we were all guilty of selfie-ing away. Cousin’s baby Ethan is too cute. It’s always a blessing to bring popo out for meals, especially to posh places. (We know she secretly likes them hahaha.)

Took a stroll at Gardens by the Bay after work yesterday. There were lotsa people and the christmas feel was not very strong already, but still pretty pretty. Happened to catch the Garden Rhapsody show by chance.

Looks like there was quite a fair bit going on. The hole in my pocket also going on in expansion. But that’s what happen every year end right? :’D

Loti’s 27th on 27th

Of March hahaha. Every occasion, we never fail to splurge on overpriced atas food. This time, the damage was Lolla, and their sea urchin pudding is to die for.

马票全中 2014

Felt like this CNY really galloped past like a (dark) horse, swiftly but silently.

Reunion dinner that mum cooked. As the years passed, she got more and more lazy shortcut and combined more and more dishes together. I think next year prolly one big pot of ingredients.

Family and cousins 😀

Bak kwa sheng.

It’s always a blur.

GoPro makes group photos such a breeze (though it’s not really used like that).

But it produces a CCTV effect when placed at a void deck hahaha.

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Ze Lack of Holiday Spirits

Every year, my year ends get quieter and quieter. So quiet I really begin to worry that I’m getting FUCKING old, and anti-social.

Loathe crowds, hate commercialised shit, dislike alcohol. So. not. 25.

Loti was also down with sudden scar infection (from the accident), but that did not stop him from trying to create a memorable christmas for us.

A homemade candlelight spread prepared by Loti (and his mum) hah. Love it! <3

Dragged myself to attend a party thereafter, but returned home soon after to sleep. Then met friends on and off days later for cafes and chit chats. OKAY OKAY I KNOW I NEED TO STOP SOUNDING LIKE A BORING OLD WOMAN! >:(

Something to lift my spirits up is Bangkok in two weeks’ time!

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Happy Holidays~

Hohoho today is the last working day of 2012!!! SAY WHATTTTT. Didn’t felt such exhilaration as compared to the previous year as I was freelancing (and everyday was not much of a difference to me).

Year-ends used to be filled lots of crowds, partying, drinking, games, gift exchanges, foam, blah blah; but now I just really enjoy spending time over food and chit chats with people who matter, like a quiet dinner with Loti away from town. (Even photo taking has been greatly reduced.) I don’t know is it due to laziness or getting old, or maybe our lil’ dot is getting too boring. I’d really love to spend a non-commercialised Christmas overseas some day.

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2 x $100 = $200

How Loti and I celebrated our first year anniversary was fairly simple – do what we both enjoy most – EAT! So we took out $100 each and binged to our hearts’ content. We also took lots of awesome photos (self-proclaimed hahaha) so I shall just let them do the talking 😀

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U, US, and USS

I’m back from the holiday of my lifetime! Happy, yet sad that I’m back. Tired and broke, yet it was all worthwhile. Before I start my crazy longass entries on the trip, let me do a quick update on Loti’s birthday.

It was spent at USS (Universal Studios Singapore in case you are a mountain tortoise or not from Singapore) and it’s a place that Loti has been reserving to go with his future girlfriend (when he was single) until he met me whom had already been there so he sian half but I don’t mind going again so I brought him there on his birthday to fulfill his wish. Hahaha.

The Transformers ride was imba indeed! If it wasn’t for the waiting time I don’t mind spamming the ride man, like how I spammed the Battlestar Galactica ride almost 10 times during my my previous trip muahahaha.

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