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Loti’s 27th on 27th

Of March hahaha. Every occasion, we never fail to splurge on overpriced atas food. This time, the damage was Lolla, and their sea urchin pudding is to die for.

U, US, and USS

I’m back from the holiday of my lifetime! Happy, yet sad that I’m back. Tired and broke, yet it was all worthwhile. Before I start my crazy longass entries on the trip, let me do a quick update on Loti’s birthday.

It was spent at USS (Universal Studios Singapore in case you are a mountain tortoise or not from Singapore) and it’s a place that Loti has been reserving to go with his future girlfriend (when he was single) until he met me whom had already been there so he sian half but I don’t mind going again so I brought him there on his birthday to fulfill his wish. Hahaha.

The Transformers ride was imba indeed! If it wasn’t for the waiting time I don’t mind spamming the ride man, like how I spammed the Battlestar Galactica ride almost 10 times during my my previous trip muahahaha.

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Welcome to the ’20s’ Club!



Birthday bro.

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Birthday 2011

Long post ahead because I’ve received pretty much love. Tee hee! Continue reading

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Mac Upsized Kids Party

This post is wayyyyy overdue (for about 3 months!?) but not my fault because I didn’t get the photos until recently. *Shoots dagger eyes at Jan muahahaha.

But I’m so not blaming Jan the organiser because if not for her (and her brilliant idea), all of us wouldn’t have felt a decade younger! Hahah it was a back to school themed birthday party and we had to beg borrow steal uniforms from outta nowhere to attend!

Kok and his long… er…. balloon. And I used to write my ‘K’ the other way round when I was a kid.

Me and my classmates! Lol bullshit. I wasn’t even from NYJC.

August babies!

Nothing has beaten this cake thus far! ‘Passionfruit Meringue’ from The Patissier.

Oh how I missed our sec school days together man :’)

Happy big kids!

I think this photo was meant for just the birthday boys and girls but Cass and I buey ji dong and continued sticking our faces in.

Played silly games after. I think our favourite game was the one where we “banged” one another LOL.

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Bestie’s Breakfasty Birthday ♥

Strolling through Robertson Quay on a weekday morning for breakfast with my best girlfriend – the perfect life.

After years of knowing each other, this year’s the first time I’m celebrating her ACTUAL birthday with her.

Never knew TCC has a breakfast menu!

♥ ♥ ♥


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Specially for You

Happy birthday my dear darling girl 🙂 10 years of friendship and counting. You know I love you.

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My Grandma is 80 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

Yes, just check out the cake below and you’ll know what I mean.

She’s 84, and because prolly ‘4’ is an luckily number in some “bantang” ways, my mum wrote it as ‘+ 1 + 1 + 1 + 1’. Hahaha the cake is decorated from a scratch by mum (at The Icing Room) and people who has done it before would know how challenging it is to do it nicely. My last attempt turned out as a fugly mermaid.

Grandma looks so happy and cute btw! 🙂

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Belated Post for Vivian’s & Stella’s Belated Birthdays

One fine Saturday afternoon one month ago, I celebrated the belated birthdays for two sweet little girls over at Kith Café.

I wrote their names using chocolate sauce on a chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin and they loved it!

We ordered some drinks and a sandwich to share but I don’t know where the sandwich photo disappear to.

While cafe hopping to the next place, we ran into a dog and cat situation.

It was hilarious.

Then, we arrived at Laurent Bernard.

I treated them to my favourite chocolate soufflé of all times.

And it was wiped clean. They love it like I do.

I cam whored.

With Vivian.

With Stella.

And with Stella again, pinching our nostrils because we thought they were too big.

It was a great weekend spent.

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Mummy’s Birthday

Mum’s DIY cake. She insisted on decorating it herself after we did a pretty FAILED ‘ah neh‘ looking one for her two years ago. But hor, this cake also quite ‘ah neh‘ looking leh LOL.

Mummy I will still love you no matter how ‘ah neh‘ or ‘ah huay‘ your cake looks! Wahahaha.

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