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Colonials, Jetty, Damn!

Seven years ago, I fell in love with the colonial houses at Seletar Camp.

They looked very scary back then, and we could totally enter them to explore the hauntedness and inhale the stench of built up pee over the years.

Now, they’re all bright and sunshiny.

So clean and locked up we couldn’t even peer in.

Still a pretty place. Some houses had already been converted into haunted restaurants, and more will be converted soon.

Then! An accidental opposite direction of a bus ride led us to the discovery of a private jetty near Yishun.

This was the only gate that was left opened that seemed trespassable :p

Wtf sia I never knew Singapore still has a hidden kampong with people still fishing for a living :O

Wanted to wait till sunset but an uncle told us the gate would be closed soon. (Maybe he just wanted to chase us out hahaha.) This was good enough for me.

Walked to Yishun Dam to watch the sunset happen instead.

The faces of my partners in crime!

Ain’t no Stan Smith, but I love them the same.

And then, sunset 😀

Where Are You Now, Starlet

It was a cold and starry night sleepy morning. The video shoot was also decided very last minute as my bro’s first car found its new owner sooner than expected.

Pumpin’ petrol, pumpin’ hearts.

Somehow, bro, Loti and I ended up at Lorong Halus again, the same place we did the photo shoot before I sold my bike.

Though it wasn’t properly planned, I’m quite happy with the end results of our first automobile video. Very feeling.

So feeling we both fell asleep on the highway.

Singapore, Through Jaded Eyes

Photos way overdue, like > half a year ago.

Ching Chong Garden

What a lovely and relaxing place to take a nice quiet morning stroll.

But it has only been my second visit to the Chinese Garden ‘cos it’s so goddamn far!

Omg trypophobia! Holes holes holes holes holes.

Looking down on Jo.

Looking up to myself. LOL.

Then an impromptu train ride to the old Bukit Timah train tracks.

#FollowMeTo: Vietnam ✖️ Laos 2015

A Walk Among the Dead

An interesting Hakka cemetery called Ying Fo Fui Kun 应和会馆双龙山 in between Holland Village and Commonwealth.

Rows of tombstones.

Seated just amongst HDB blocks.

Da Vinci x Prudential Singapore Eye

Honestly, I only wanted to go to the ArtScience Museum because I thought that every Monday got free entry to Prudential Singapore Eye. But because I pa jiao read wrong (it’s only the FIRST Monday of the month), so I ended up paying for two exhibitions instead ‘cos more wu hua. Go in act one art but most of the times I’m like uhhhhh whuttttt? Especially all the cheem drawings and theories by Da Vinci.

Volkswagen Beetle ball.

Got scolded by trying to pose my proud customised shoe with the exhibit :\

#FollowMeTo: Korea 2014

2 hoomans like this.

#HandInHand: Korea 2014

2 hoomans like this.

Fino ✖️ Caviga ✖️ Humans

Sometime back as planned, Loti helped me with a photoshoot of mehmeh and bro’s bike, so I have some last memories before tucking her safely in a corner of my heart :’)

It was dawn when we arrived at some ulu place. Cold and dark, we began hunting for a suitable place to shoot.

Loti discovered a spot at the Lorong Halus Wetland and it was puuurrfect!

First rays.

FTW = Fuck the World.


Dedication <3

But first, let me take a selfie.

Bad cop.

Love the candidness.

Trying to look aspirational.

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