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Hei Hei 2018!

“Hei hei” means “hello hello” in Finnish. (Sorry still missing Finland because I spent my first overseas New Year’s eve/New Year/Christmas there. *Humble brags LOL.)

Anyhow, I’m not dead. This blog is.

So… 2017 went pass in a wink. Quite a lot happened:

  • Moved into me and Loti’s own apartment after more than half a year’s reno (because we ask the contractor to take his time and he did).
  • Terminated a negative relationship and stepped out of toxicity.
  • Quit my job!
  • Which sparked of quite a lot of travel opportunities: Bangkok x 2, Huahin, Ho Chi Minh, Melbourne, Perth, Finland.
  • On that note, we finally travelled as a family trip after 3 years, and mum suddenly seemed to get hooked to free-and-easy travels after strongly opposing them her whole life.
  • Also lots of firsts: first Songkran (water festival!), first driving road trip which involves changing cities, first winter, first snowfall.
  • Had our wedding bands inked (plus another ink).
  • Spent a lot on money on medical shit (treat sinus, tailbone pain, this pain, that pain, teeth pain). Really old liao everything lai liao.
  • Bought a Microsoft Surface Book at a steal (I SO HAPPY)!
  • Jumped ship from iPhone to Pixel. 📱
  • Got addicted to a mobile game called “Mobile Legends.” This is already my third account and I think I’ve played over 2000 matches in total, with each match lasting about 15-20 minutes in average, you do the math.. I don’t even wanna go there. The amount of life wasted on it T_T

I’ll add on if I think of any more, but 2017 had been a pretty good year.

Anyway, one major reason to demotivate me to continue blogging is Photobucket.

I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere. Broken images. Not just on mine, but every other person who host their photos with them.

Years, literally YEARS of memories just go poof! No warning whatsoever. And I’m not the only pissed user. I mean technically the photos are still there, it’s just that you now have to pay ($99usd/year) to reactivate the hot link feature to your website/blog/etc. OR you can install a Chrome plugin to view the images. Annoying AF. I refuse to pay, but I’m lazy to download all photos and relink all of them. Maybe one day when I eng eng bo dai ji.

2018 lai ba! – my last year of 20s DDD:

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Life in Circles XI

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The truth is that the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you’ll see their flaws. That’s just the way it is. This is why marriages fail, why children are abandoned, why friendships don’t last. You might think you love someone until you see the way they act when they’re out of money or under pressure or hungry, for goodness’ sake. Love is something different. Love is choosing to serve someone and be with someone in spite of their filthy heart. Love is patient and kind, love is deliberate. Love is hard. Love is pain and sacrifice, it’s seeing the darkness in another person and defying the impulse to jump ship.

Yadah Yadah

It’s been a while since the last update. Life has been same old same old, and time passes really fast. It’s already Q3 and I’ve recently completed a year in my current company – JUST LIKE THAT. To think that it was an impossible feat for my first three real jobs, and I thought I had some serious problems.

A major milestone is that I am now a house owner!

But it’s still empty! Like my CPF! YAY!

Hahahaha. Being an adult sucks.. but also exciting at the same time where Loti and I run around like monkeys trying to figure out this whole new renovation thingy together. Who ask us gei kiang wanna do everything ourselves. (Trust me, it was a long tussle before deciding to ditch the idea of hiring an interior designer.)

Pokémon Go is taking over the world by storm. Singaporeans have gone mad. I’ve never seen so many people roaming the outdoors before, and the sight is really quite phenomenal. I’m guilty as charged, but I’m not super siao over it – level 10 only.

Nothing beats the good old days Pokémon Blue days where bro and I turned to the PC emulator version after mum confiscated our Game Boys. (OH BTW, WHAT AN OLD SCHOOL NERDY PHOTO OF US THAT MY COUSIN DUG OUT AND POSTED ON FACEBOOK! :O)

Ya, I’ve finally gotten over the new fugly Instagram logo and updated my app. They ripped off the stories thing from Snapchat, like whuuuuttttt. I don’t use any of these stories thing ‘cos I refuse to conform to the trend my Snap only has two friends T_T hahahah. And Instagram stories are kinda weird when the audience is so random. It’s for extreme extroverts really – I prefer to hide behind the screen and stalk them hahaha. With all these new instant updating on-the-go technologies, who still blogs? I’m so passé LOL.

Another no link thought. Life is really full of surprises. Life is short.

Life has you running around in circles chasing after things that I don’t know for what sometimes.

In the end, does it even matter?

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Lawfully Wedded

Our wedding is over. So is our honeymoon. Two of our biggest events of the year (and our lives) whizzed past in a flash. All that preparations, anticipation, worries, disagreements, money, yadah yadah, evapourated within half a day. And through the >half year worth of fuss, I couldn’t relate more with these feelings.

On the actual day itself, I had a lot paiseh moments and it is true that no matter how much you plan, the day just unfolds to not how you envisioned it to be. There were a lot of details I wished I had the time to personally take care of, but the whole time Loti and I were running around like mad chickens. Nevertheless, there were no major screw ups, weather god was on our side, and we received generally very positive feedback from our guests and I’m very thankful for that.

When the dust settles, everything feels the same (except I suddenly have to call someone else “mother” which I’m still trying to get used to). I’m back to my normal life with a new status. Will update my honeymoon soon and also my wedding photos when I get them from my official photographer 😉

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Taobao: Expectation vs. Reality

I love Taobao for many reasons. Cheap, fast, convenient, and almost everything is made in China, so might as well. But there are some things that you just can’t Taobao them, for example – your wedding gown.

I wanted to help Loti save money and refuse to pay over $1K for a one-day outfit that you can’t even own. So my brilliant idea (not) was to Taobao it.

My first instinct was to search for a short gown, because I never looked good in long dresses, and I wanted something more fun and casual. I managed to find one with a detachable train, thinking it was the perfect dress.

EEEEEEEE why my one look like gor ley cai!? And my legs machiam two charcoal sticks poking out of the dress D: Initially I thought I could live with it, but after asking a few people, they say it’s not my style (actually they just meant ugly la). Then I disliked it more and more so I began hunting for a second dress. (Damage: $100 but I managed to sell it for $90.)

I was looking forward to the second gown as it was something quite unique although I didn’t think it was my style either. But it looked so good on photos so how bad can it be?

IT WAS A DISASTER! The workmanship was horrible and the entire gown was made with a rough and thick netted material with lots of holes in it. It looked so so so cui I didn’t bothered taking a photo while wearing it. I took this photo so I could complain and ask for a refund but to no avail. (Damage: $80 and I don’t intend to sell it ‘cos any self-respecting bride-to-be wouldn’t be able to take it.)

Once bitten, twice still not shy. Third time I decided to go for tryouts in actual bridal studios. After booking appointments at four places in a day looking at gown rentals ranging from $150 – $1K++, I randomly walked into the last one called 法國巴黎 France Paris just before closing time. They entertained me and let me try their super expensive looking gowns so I also tried for fun. The manager and sales assistant were damn nice and chatted with us for a long time, then they finally offered us a special price of $580. It was actually a steal for such quality (mum and Loti already fished out their cash and credit card) but I hesitated, thinking I could get a cheaper deal elsewhere, and that I might regret because of sales talk.

All eyes were on me and I eventually said yes. (Say yes to the dress! HAHAHAH.) Later when I told my friend my gown brand was Pronovias, she got a shock. She’s like, “It’s like the LV of gowns.” Wah zhun bo! Ok lah I didn’t regret it but tbh I can’t recall much how my chosen gown looks like ‘cos they didn’t let me take photos without confirming it.

Moral of the story: don’t be a cheapo and buy your wedding gown from Taobao. I ended up going for a long gown with a (mermaid) cutting which I never thought would suit me.

I also tried to buy artificial calla lilies from Taobao to DIY my hand bouquet. They weren’t exactly cheap but I thought it was because they look really real.

Ended up, they were really real! In fact, they actually look like spring onions when ripped open LOLOL. Loti was the one collected them (as I was overseas) and he said he almost fainted due to the rotting odour. HAHAHA this one was their fault so they refunded me. Ok end of long blabber.

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The End of Life

People always look forward to the end of everything. The end of a working day, the end of a working week, the end of a project, the end of the year. But as we wish for time to move faster to the end of all these, we are also indirectly looking forward to the end of life.

Actually, I kinda look forward to the end of life in some way. (I’m not committing suicide don’t worry.) It’s just that I’ve always wondered about death in the most curious way. What would it feel like? Will it be just dark nothingness or will your soul leave your body and an afterlife continues? I choose to believe the latter.

They always say things like treasure every single day, live life to the fullest, etc, but the truth is – there will never be a better time to die. We all will have unfinished business regardless of our age; we all can never say our goodbyes soon enough; we all can never appreciate our loved ones enough; we all will have our regrets.

I know I am someone who constantly tries to save stuffs for the future or good days. Like I am thrifty because I wish to enjoy more in my older years; like I hold off giving a gift to someone until there’s an occasion; like I keep wanting to write this post but I don’t get to it. Hahaha nay that’s just pure procrastination, but you get the drift.

When I die, don’t be sad for me because I believe it’s not the end of life, it’s the beginning of an adventure. Whether it’s having my tongue cut off, burning in hell, or having the ability to pass through walls and coming back to haunt you, I still look forward to it.

People who will be at my funeral (and not play mahjong), I love you.

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Life in Circles X

Some super backlogs of the last half year summed up. As I am working towards updating this space more often, I currently have 3.7K worth of photos left unorganised. Happy new year and good luck to me 🙂

2015 Best Nine

This was supposed to an Instagram thing, but I wanna talk more about my year here.

2015 had been a rather unpredictable and emotional one for me. Instagram always showcases the good moments, (because who would upload a photo of themselves sad? Actually some girls would HAHA.) but people don’t see the bad stuffs that happen offline. Anyways, that’s how social media works. Here are my best nine moments of the year.

  1. Quit my job unexpectedly.
  2. Got a promotion in the next job!
  3. Picked up some calligraphy / hand / brush lettering thing.
  4. Dyed my hair purple and blue (loudest colours in my life thus far).
  5. Got to travel on eight different trips to seven different countries, including two which are totally new.
  6. Dived at three places (and saw cute thresher sharks).
  7. Tried batting for the first time.
  8. Rode a hot air balloon for the first time.
  9. Ran Chocolate Origin’s social media accounts (it’s fun!) and I’ll continue on next year.

2016 will be a life-changing year where I’ll get my own house and be in-debt for the rest of my life. Looking forward, not.

The Death of 100-day Plans

I held off plan XI for a month because I was travelling and didn’t make sense to plan anything productive out of Singapore. Now that I’m trying to plan my plans, I realise things are starting to get repetitive. Some stuff that I wanted to do previously had already been cultivated into habits in me, which tells me one thing – 100-day plans have served their purposes.

The 10th and final plan was celebrated, and perfect 10 is a perfect number for closure. I have definitely became more disciplined throughout the (almost) three years of trying to act on my plans and I shall let the momentum carry on naturally.

Anyway, here I’m back with blue tattooed hair after visiting three countries. It had been my most adventurous trip thus far and it was my first time trying to draft blog posts on the go so I have closer recollections to my holiday experiences. And also so I can start posting faster, wait for it 😉

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