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WTF with Family

First family outing where bro and I took parents out on our bikes. It was quite a sight and I can’t stand how terrorist looking my mum was.

This actually happened two months ago. Another backdated entry.

WTF in this case refers to ‘We’re the Furballs’ – a cafe in Katong where you pay to (get a drink and) play with their dogs. I think it’s kind is the only one in Singapore currently.

All of them have names and all very cute!

Slinky the sausage.

Mochi and Lola.

Bui Bui always look so emo, but he really grows on you over time.


One of the rare moments where mummy is actually seen touching pets. She tells us they’re dirty all the time and refuses to let us keep anything (though I think she secretly likes them).

I love the pomeranians best, but it’s so hard to catch them unless they fall asleep.


Bob Bob

Shooting Lynn’s hammie.

Fav shot!

He looks so helpless here! Argh so cute!

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Arghhhh I just typed out this whole entry and pressed ‘publish’ but it FAILED bad time. Now I have to rewrite it from a scratch! Why do this to me on a Sunday midnight….. I want to sleep :(((

*Breathe. Ok I’ll start afresh.

One corgi + three chihuahuas + some new friends! These very much made up my first dog picnic ever. Continue reading

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THE $11 Million Dollar Draw

不买没希望, 有买就有希望。

结果还是没希望, 因为我们这些人才是 Singapore Pools 真正的希望啊!

Random update. Last week Vivian suddenly dug out an old photo of me at her house. I don’t know how it ended up in her hands but that wasn’t important.

Just check out that skinny bitch. I only weighed about 24kg back then when I was 15, and I’ve got the oh-I-think-I-look-so-cool look on my face just because I was going for parasailing in Phuket. LOL. I have always been secretly proud of myself being able to do stuffs that most girls don’t usually dare to do.

I don’t understand how I used to eat like a pig and still look undernourished, and although people always comfort me that I look better and healthier (read: fatter) now, I totally don’t mind being a skinny bitch again. Tall lean girls clad in skinny jeans and tank top complete with a pair of sunglasses – my kind of pretty.

Maybe I should eat a tapeworm.

Anyhows, I’m really in love with Vivian’s doggggggg! He’s a licking machine, but an adorable and obedient one!

Still, I was so afraid that he would suddenly stick out his tongue and lick me while taking this photo, but luckily never la. If not I straight away ‘lar chee’ with him! *Deprived. ROFL EH I’M KIDDING OKAY. Have a great weekend!

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