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Yadah Yadah

It’s been a while since the last update. Life has been same old same old, and time passes really fast. It’s already Q3 and I’ve recently completed a year in my current company – JUST LIKE THAT. To think that it was an impossible feat for my first three real jobs, and I thought I had some serious problems.

A major milestone is that I am now a house owner!

But it’s still empty! Like my CPF! YAY!

Hahahaha. Being an adult sucks.. but also exciting at the same time where Loti and I run around like monkeys trying to figure out this whole new renovation thingy together. Who ask us gei kiang wanna do everything ourselves. (Trust me, it was a long tussle before deciding to ditch the idea of hiring an interior designer.)

Pokémon Go is taking over the world by storm. Singaporeans have gone mad. I’ve never seen so many people roaming the outdoors before, and the sight is really quite phenomenal. I’m guilty as charged, but I’m not super siao over it – level 10 only.

Nothing beats the good old days Pokémon Blue days where bro and I turned to the PC emulator version after mum confiscated our Game Boys. (OH BTW, WHAT AN OLD SCHOOL NERDY PHOTO OF US THAT MY COUSIN DUG OUT AND POSTED ON FACEBOOK! :O)

Ya, I’ve finally gotten over the new fugly Instagram logo and updated my app. They ripped off the stories thing from Snapchat, like whuuuuttttt. I don’t use any of these stories thing ‘cos I refuse to conform to the trend my Snap only has two friends T_T hahahah. And Instagram stories are kinda weird when the audience is so random. It’s for extreme extroverts really – I prefer to hide behind the screen and stalk them hahaha. With all these new instant updating on-the-go technologies, who still blogs? I’m so passé LOL.

Another no link thought. Life is really full of surprises. Life is short.

Life has you running around in circles chasing after things that I don’t know for what sometimes.

In the end, does it even matter?

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My Life Now

Back to a hamster ball life where it’s work eat sleep repeat. It has only been slightly more than a month of full-time work and I feel jaded already. Was discussing with friends today what is our ideal age to retire and my answer was to “semi-retire” at the age of 35, by finding a job where I only have to work 2 – 3 days per week (no idea what that is, barista maybe?) and do freelance work from home. I know this totally sounds like what a spoilt brat would say but hey, this goal will never involve living off anyone but myself.

I fianlly cleared all my trip photos and videos (even the Korea one which dragged on for almost a year) YAY! I have a lot more to update on this space but time is forever not on my side. Almost every other thing or person requires my immediate attention and sometimes I do really feel drowned. In two weeks’, I’ll be gone to Vietnam and Laos for 22 days. It will be my first actual backpacking trip (with an actual backpack) and I’m really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed on the safety and crockoaches though.

Okay I’m on a bus now and my fingers are freezing and eyes are drying up (thanks haze). Till my next update, adios!

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The Next Chapter Opens

Tomorrow :\

I haven’t got this “first-day-of-work jitters” for three years already. And though I know I’ll be seeing some familiar faces, I still can’t help feeling nervous. I had almost three months of hiatus since the last chapter closed, and after all that relaxing and beach holidaying, it’s time to get my brains working again.

As I step up to a bigger role (you can congratulate me later when I get confirmed), expectations are definitely higher and I seriously hope I don’t screw up. Wish me luck!

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A Chapter Closes

Another one opens.

Yes, the team had escaped together and we are all freemen, for now. It had been a great three years and this wouldn’t be my longest staying job if not for the people. Lots of ups and downs, fun and depressing times, and we all pulled through together. I’ve grown a plenty too – from a nonchalant-just-wanna-work-and-go-home-colleague to a don’t-mind-long-hours-because-can-have-dinner-together-friend. Our departure was abrupt but we know that this isn’t goodbye.

Lots of things happened following my last day of work. Happy shit sad shit but I’m glad I got to get away from Singapore to take my mind off some matters. Traveled to Bali and Philippines and now I’m back retarded in operating a computer hahaha. I got tons of photos to update again and I think it’ll take a while to do so. So many things I wanna do and even halting work for three months don’t seem enough.

Cheers to slothing!

The Day I First Lost My Phone

In my whole damn entire life. #\*~$+?!

All thanks to all that running about during our company’s annual team bonding day. However, I was still kinda happy ‘cos my team (most unexpectedly) won!

Omg haven’t had the feeling of triumph in such a long time 😀 And to know that my team members were super nice to let me keep the winning vouchers to compensate for my lost phone just makes me so damn touched :’)

Hanged out with my creative team thereafter.

Had a glass each at Molly Roffey’s which we passed by randomly.


Heng didn’t vomit. Bill amounted to like $80+ among 6 people. Funny thing was, 4 of us girls went to Lady M to have desserts later and the bill beat the alcohol bill with a whopping $127+ (with all the added takeaways) LOL.

The away day same time last year was sucha dread. Totally felt like a complete loser and loner but I’m glad things are different now. This is by far the most attached I’ve felt to a company and the people I work with. Hard to come by in this industry and I know good stuffs don’t last, so I really treasure it. One of my personal mantra goes, “It’s the same shit everywhere. It’s just who you ta the shit with.”

I’m No Longer the Sole Breadwinner! YAY!

After almost two years, Loti has finally graduated 😀

Congrats to both him and me~ Now I can finally sit back relax enjoy my ROI and treat Loti like a cash cow. HAHAHAH I’m kidding, and I wish!

Loti has officially entered the workforce about three weeks now, and he’s slogging hard like a cow. I’m also busy with my own stuffs so I hardly see him on weekdays recently. Now then he starts to understand things that he didn’t when he was still a student. Makes my blood boil when I recall him complaining that I always don’t have time for him >:(

Read an interesting entry about us generation Y and our career expectations from yesterday.

My favourites were these:

Great careers take years of blood, sweat and tears to build – even the ones with no flowers or unicorns on them – and even the most successful people are rarely doing anything that great in their early or mid-20s.

Stop thinking that you’re special. The fact is, right now, you’re not special. You’re another completely inexperienced young person who doesn’t have all that much to offer yet. You can become special by working really hard for a long time.

So, to all the GYPSYs who read it (whether you just started working, already working, or waiting to graduate), AI PIA JIA EH YIA~

Heart vs. Brain

Some time last year, Loti and I decided to go on a one-month trip. When air tickets went on sale, we instantly hit on the book button, and there we were – Taiwan in 35 days. At that point in time, I had no thoughts on consequences despite having just converted to full-time. I overheard and assumed that there was something called an “unpaid leave,” and even if there isn’t, the most I quit my job lor. I was quite an unhappy lone ranger in my company anyways.

Moving forward to the beginning of 2013, after being inspired by my superior, I set my heart to change for the better. With a new attitude, I was given a month’s time to prove myself. I started opening up to people around me and soon, colleagues turned into friends (at least for me). These people suddenly became my motivation to go work everyday. A happier soul also translates into greater productivity, and I didn’t mind giving more or doing extra stuffs. So, one month later, I got confirmed. YAY!

Just when all is good and well, my worst nightmare came true. “Unpaid leave” does not exist, unless it was communicated way beforehand and should be for a super extremely very good reason. Dang! How liddat. I’ve already came out with a perfect plan for the whole trip and made deposits for most of the accommodations.

Much as I want the best of both worlds, reality only left me with two choices:

  1. Utilise my leave for the entire year and shorten the trip to two weeks.
  2. Resign.

If you see the second option and go like, “HUHHHH! SIAO AHHH!” Then, ya, I think I siao liao. ‘Cos I chose 2, with my heart (and not my brain).

I know it sounds foolish, to sacrifice my career just for a vacation. “Go two weeks not enough meh?” Enough is enough, but that defeats the entire purpose of the one-month idea. These 35 days mean more than a mere vacation to me. It’s about living independently outside my comfort zone with a possible life partner; it’s about experiencing a different kind of traveling pace; it’s maybe even about migration in the future. Also, if we don’t do it now, once Loti starts working, we’d probably never get a chance to travel for 35 days straight, at least not in the next five years. And it’ll get even harder when you grow older (more responsibilities, more loans, less guts, less energy, etc).

Today, 8 March 2013, the go-getter in me went against all advises to give up my job over a 35-day Taiwan trip. Ten years down the road, I don’t know if I’d look back with regret or rejoice. But whatever it is, the trip (this coming June) better be DAMN AWESOME! Meanwhile, my promise to myself is that I will not give anything lesser at work just because my intents of quitting are made.

(Photo source: Pinterest. Quote: Island Company.)


After leaving Singapore for a month, I’ve made a comeback and am now back to working. It wasn’t easy trying to re-enter the same office doors, but I am definitely thankful.

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Money or Passion?

Talked to one of my clients a while back and he asked about how much I’m earning right now. (For those who don’t know, I’m currently on an on-site freelance contract which means getting a monthly pay but bound to their office.) I beamed while replying him, feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Then he told me, within three days he can earn up to thrice of what I earn in thirty days (a month). I let out a gasp filled with surprise and intrigue, which led him on to tell me more regarding his job and how he regretted not choosing this path earlier blah blah. In my mind, I started forming thoughts about following his footsteps.

The conversation left me feeling a lil’ heavy hearted and unaccomplished suddenly, but then again I thought to myself. I simply can’t imagine myself – giving out name cards printed with my heavily made-up face; wearing formal shirts; standing around in showrooms; taking a compass and showing people around the house; bullshiting about how great that (cui) resale unit is; posting newspaper ads and spreading flyers with the same horrific face all over. Blargh.

(You should know by now I’m talking about a property agent.) I realise that who else except for leaders in the property, MLM, and insurance industries will go around boasting their income? If I have that kind of wealth, I won’t even say lor. Later kena rob how? LOL. Because these leaders want people to join their team by enticing them with the amount of potential money, and the more they recruit, the more they earn.

Of course, these agents paint the prettiest pictures ever, and I can of course take the risk and try slaving towards that amount of money. However at the end of the day, will I be happy? What’s the point of working for something I don’t even enjoy doing? With this thought alone, I am hell sure I’m sticking to design. Though I do get knackered and overloaded (especially this period where I’m juggling between office, freelance, family, boyfriend, friends, exercise, food blog), I still wake up every morning knowing I’m doing something I’m passionate about. That, is the greatest motivation to push me even further.

Here’s an inspiring quote that a friend sent.

The Dalai Lama when asked what surprised him most, he said “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Don’t work for money. Do what you love, the money will come in later. I think. Hahahaha.

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Fifth Storey 2012

Finally, after one and a half years of procrastination, I’ve updated my portfolio. Check out my new works here.

“Have You Found a Job Yet?”

Honestly, I get very frustrated when people ask me this. My answer is, “No, I haven’t found a job, and I’m not looking out for one at the moment, thank you very much.” Wait a sec.. Who on mother earth told you I’m not working?

I’m not pinpointing anyone in particular here. Just that I got that question a significant number of times, so I thought I shall write in defense of myself (and other freelance designers / self-employed).

1. Freelancers ≠ bummers.

Whenever I tell people I’m freelancing, they will think I lead a damn shiok life. After all, I seem like I do have time to hang out with friends, eat good food, update this space, blah blah. Yes, I admit that I do. Well, that’s because I have a life and I can manage my time (ahem, pretty efficiently). What people don’t see is when I sit in front of computer till my eyes wither dry to rush for deadlines and running from places to places to meet clients and stuffs like that. It’s not THAT easy.

2. No weekends & public holidays.

There isn’t a single day that has gone past without working (except for my Bangkok trip). I don’t get Monday blues nor do I countdown to TGIFs, ‘cos everyday feels the same to me – yet another working day.

3. Bao Kah Liao.

I’m my own designer, sales manager, account manager, project manager, traffic manager, admin, marketer, HR, finance, debt collector, cleaner, pantry auntie. Yeah, you get the idea.

4. Not stable lei..

Oh, don’t worry. Stability is traded off for flexibility. I am not bound to fixed working hours at a fixed working compound, therefore I’m not bound to a fixed paycheck too. This, I only have myself to fall back on. I slack and take my own sweet time I earn less lah. I chiong I earn more lah. Simple logic. Most importantly, as long as I’m still able to continuously give my parents money I happy already.

I work hard, I play hard. Because I deserve it 🙂

P.S. If you have friends boyfriends girlfriends mother father aunties uncles grandmothers grandfathers clients business partners flings god-knows-who looking for design services, remember to refer me ok! I can do web print identity graphics blah blah. Here’s a link to my professional portfolio which needs some serious updating soon!

Have a nice day.

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