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Island for Carrot Heads: Day 4

Another slow and unplanned day. Continue reading

Island for Carrot Heads: Day 3

Exploration day began, and we had no plans. Continue reading

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The Cursed Bali: Day 3

The third day was a switch in area. Goodbye to serenity among the uphill greenery. Continue reading

The Cursed Bali: Day 2

Chillax day at Uluwatu area. Continue reading

The Uncursed Bali: Day 3

It’s a hit-the-beach (and the road) day! Continue reading

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Chocolate · Cafe · Company

Recently Loti and I fell in love with the same person – Mr. Lu. His name is Wimbly. Wimbly Lu.



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Because a Romantic Valentine’s Western Dinner for Two is Too Mainstream

So we did it the Arabic way, with a bunch of six lightbulbs three other couples.

Had Middle Eastern fare at Nabins, and the food was surprisingly good!

Shisha at the next street after dinner.

Beer – the guys’ favourite.

Loti – my favourite 🙂

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Cool Hideouts

Chio-est camera store I’ve seen!

I stumbled upon this cafe sometime ago and I decided to check it out with Loti last Friday.

We fell in love with the place instantly.

And Imma be a selfish bitch for once and not share the location. If you know where, good for you. But please don’t expose it here hahaha.

The walls 破破烂烂 one, but 破 until very got feel.

More Feasting and Meeting

10 Dec: Pizza Memoirs with Lynn and Ash. Love love love their Nightmare pizza!

iPhoners. Welcome to the club, Lynn.

Headed on the Wild Oats for burgers and beer after.

14 Dec: TCC with mum and Peimin. I realised that they look very alike here!

Had 50% off. Shiok.

15 Dec: Shisha with Sil. Food sucked.

Thanks for the treat Sil!

Anyhows, every year seem to pass faster each time. It will be Christmas in five days, but I haven’t really gotten in the mood lei. Been feeling so lethargic recently. It’s the rain, must be. Yeah, just blame it on the weather.

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Always Room for Desserts!

I love these girls because they are always up for good food / desserts / catchups / whatever! Hanging out with them adds much laughters and fats to my life.

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