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A Chapter Closes

Another one opens.

Yes, the team had escaped together and we are all freemen, for now. It had been a great three years and this wouldn’t be my longest staying job if not for the people. Lots of ups and downs, fun and depressing times, and we all pulled through together. I’ve grown a plenty too – from a nonchalant-just-wanna-work-and-go-home-colleague to a don’t-mind-long-hours-because-can-have-dinner-together-friend. Our departure was abrupt but we know that this isn’t goodbye.

Lots of things happened following my last day of work. Happy shit sad shit but I’m glad I got to get away from Singapore to take my mind off some matters. Traveled to Bali and Philippines and now I’m back retarded in operating a computer hahaha. I got tons of photos to update again and I think it’ll take a while to do so. So many things I wanna do and even halting work for three months don’t seem enough.

Cheers to slothing!

Pulau Ubin

Been over a decade since I crossed the shores to this island and we finally made it happened last Sunday, with my steady colleagues. Loti and I were the only two crazies who woke up at 5.30am to cycle all the way there, but bringing our own bikes felt really great. It was also my first (very noob) off-road trail. Nothing surprising, accident-prone me had two great falls wahahaha. Shag day.

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Everything is Awesome~

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

Had super low expectations of Legoland JB ‘cos everyone say until like damnnnnnn boring.

But I think it’s either they damnnnnnn boring or they went with the wrong group of people hahaha. It was quite entertaining for me and colleagues, and we enjoyed it anyway. Just don’t hope for adrenaline pumping rides.


The miniland was the most fascinating – everything built out of Lego bricks :O It’s crazy.

Pe (N + G + B)(ang): Day 2

The second and last day was a rush. Continue reading

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Pe (N + G + B)(ang): Day 1

It all started with my Darth Vader breathing noises in office (which my colleagues couldn’t stand), so they urged to go for treatment and we randomly booked a weekend trip to Penang, ‘cos I once mentioned about a legendary sinus doctor there (more about this in Day 2). Continue reading

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The Day I First Lost My Phone

In my whole damn entire life. #\*~$+?!

All thanks to all that running about during our company’s annual team bonding day. However, I was still kinda happy ‘cos my team (most unexpectedly) won!

Omg haven’t had the feeling of triumph in such a long time 😀 And to know that my team members were super nice to let me keep the winning vouchers to compensate for my lost phone just makes me so damn touched :’)

Hanged out with my creative team thereafter.

Had a glass each at Molly Roffey’s which we passed by randomly.


Heng didn’t vomit. Bill amounted to like $80+ among 6 people. Funny thing was, 4 of us girls went to Lady M to have desserts later and the bill beat the alcohol bill with a whopping $127+ (with all the added takeaways) LOL.

The away day same time last year was sucha dread. Totally felt like a complete loser and loner but I’m glad things are different now. This is by far the most attached I’ve felt to a company and the people I work with. Hard to come by in this industry and I know good stuffs don’t last, so I really treasure it. One of my personal mantra goes, “It’s the same shit everywhere. It’s just who you ta the shit with.”

Roadhouse Lunch Escapade

Of BBQ, Prawns, Rooftops, Doodles, Crappy Moments & Faces I’ll Miss

I’m damn pissed with Photobucket. Can’t seem to upload FFS, and please tell me I’m not alone. Though I somehow figured out how to still upload to Photobucket using email but it’s extremely irritating ‘cos got a lot of photos! Wasai! But I want to blog so badly so LL suck thumb lor.

Our digital team BBQ more than a month ago.

Later into the night, I got high on marshmallows alcohol and started doing the stupidest shit ever.

Like changing into swimwear did repeated jumps (in many different styles) into the 3 metre deep pool from the diving board.

I was totally aware of what I’m doing but I couldn’t care less la. But now that I think back, it was pretty embarrassing :\

Then early at 7am one random weekend morning, we went prawning!

I caught at least 15 prawns during the first hour, but the remaining two hours, my rate died down ‘cos some stupid uncle came over to KPO and taught me how to prawn. Hello, I know you pro but don’t need okay. You so “li hai” go get your own rod and prawn all you want la. Reminds me of those smart alecs who used to coach me on Street Fighter in the arcades when I was little, and they always ended up taking over the console for themselves. Blardee freeloaders.

A part of our catch!

It became this under mum’s hands – tom yam prawns. Yum.

My office’s reception area. Everyone is saying how it looks like a funeral with all the white lanterns and “tombstone” looking structures.

I miss the old office so. I can always recall the awe when I first stepped into the pantry that overlooks Singapore’s skyline.

But at least I have one favourite hideout in the new office building – the rooftop.

Can totally chillax and have breakfast there.

Back to the open office concept where I can slack openly.

There’s this day when my Malay colleagues started to write Chinese characters with a calligraphy pen. We ended up doodling then someone suggested to draw 包青天 I dunno why, but we did.

This is our reference photo.

And these are what we came out with. The bottom left one looks more like 财神爷 ROFL.


We’ve got both the muscle building program..

..and the boob enhancement + tummy slimming program. (He’s a guy btw.)

I miss my colleagues already.

But just so you know, I’m officially out of job and happily freelancing now! 😀

The Perfect Gift

DIY-ed a cake for my Project Manager on his last day.

He likes fishing and he’s a phedofile (likes young girls), so we drew him a mermaid!

Hahahaha super ugly lor. But it’s the effort that counts okay!

*Sobs. Gone is the man whom holds our team so strongly together 🙁 He’ll be missed.

And I can’t wait for our BBQ next week!

My First Company Trip: Day 3

Continue reading

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