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The Next Chapter Opens

Tomorrow :\

I haven’t got this “first-day-of-work jitters” for three years already. And though I know I’ll be seeing some familiar faces, I still can’t help feeling nervous. I had almost three months of hiatus since the last chapter closed, and after all that relaxing and beach holidaying, it’s time to get my brains working again.

As I step up to a bigger role (you can congratulate me later when I get confirmed), expectations are definitely higher and I seriously hope I don’t screw up. Wish me luck!

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Da Vinci x Prudential Singapore Eye

Honestly, I only wanted to go to the ArtScience Museum because I thought that every Monday got free entry to Prudential Singapore Eye. But because I pa jiao read wrong (it’s only the FIRST Monday of the month), so I ended up paying for two exhibitions instead ‘cos more wu hua. Go in act one art but most of the times I’m like uhhhhh whuttttt? Especially all the cheem drawings and theories by Da Vinci.

Volkswagen Beetle ball.

Got scolded by trying to pose my proud customised shoe with the exhibit :\

Quick Start & End

I know I spelled ‘tmr’ wrongly lol. Too much abbreviations! Nevertheless, cheers to rest day tmr!

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Left Hand Drawings

One of the plans in my 100-day plan II is to create at least 10 doodles with my left hand. I’ve succeeded, and drew 11! (I’m a rightie if it’s not obvious enough.)

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Random Drawings

It’s been years, omfg no a decade since I last held something with my hand to draw, as far back as when my art lessons stopped in Secondary two. I remembered that I could pursue art as an ‘O’ level subject, but I gave it up to opt for triple science, which ended up with triple ‘B’s. It was all for the dream of becoming a vet when I grow up and I thought studying Biology could get me there. How naive.

After my sciences flopped, I sorta made my way back to art / design / wtv with no proper training. However, the journey is just filled with a computer mouse and Photoshop. I stopped drawing, and I forgot about my love for it. (Btw, loving to draw ≠ being good at it.)

Recently, I picked up a pen for a project, and I kinda rediscovered the connection.

Don’t ask me what I was drawing. I absolutely have no idea.

The rawest form of design comes in the form of pen and paper. (I ownself say one.) I hope I can find time to draw more random shit like these.

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RGB CMYK Tattoos

(Photo source: Chris Glass.)

Only designers know.

Every Single Day

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Chicken or Egg Issue

The other day I was thinking to myself. What do OS makers use to create their GUI (i.e. design of menu bars, icons, buttons, etc). Photoshop? And then if Adobe uses Photoshop to create Photoshop interface, it’ll look something like inception.

Won’t it be rather mind-fucking? HAHAHA.

Loving My New Twitter Header

I never knew Twitter has this header thingy until a few days ago. Click to view it in full glory. Anyway, the one behind is me, but I’m using Yuling’s body, so there’s like double me wahahaha 😀

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My Love for Houndstooth

How cool if my floor is houndstoothed too!

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