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Bangkok Never Shutdown: Day 3

Our Friday was planned to be a chill day – where we’ll go for a slow breakfast, followed by shopping, then a lomantic dinner overlooking Bangkok from the roofs of Banyan Tree. Continue reading

Bangkok Never Shutdown: Day 1

Bangkok was me and Loti’s first trip of 2014. We looked forward to it long and hard ‘cos I wiped out all my leave for epic Taiwan so couldn’t travel for the second half of 2013. In fact, we were so deprived that we booked too many days for Bangkok. Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 28

Pig day and zuo bo day. Continue reading

35D Taiwan: Day 7

Seafood and Taipei 台北 doesn’t sound compatible at all, but wait till you see this. Continue reading

Hong Kong Foot: Day 4

We went on a food frenzy! Continue reading

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Roadhouse Lunch Escapade

Why Everyone’s Mouth Brack Brack?

Read about my #CookForFamily experience!

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Weekends are Made of These

Wo Ai Tai Mei: Day 3

We did a little sightseeing on our third day. Well, sort of la. Continue reading

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Wo Ai Tai Mei: Day 2

I’ve shifted my Day 1 entry up to make the entire Taiwan trip a continuous series ‘cos I finally finished editing the photos so I’m sorta ready to blog now!

We booked a private taxi (according to online recommendations) for a day to take us to Keelung with the driver acting as our tour guide.
Continue reading

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