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This Will Give You Epilepsy

On a sidenote, I’ve returned from Krabi with my family and despite being my third visit there, it was fucking awesome. Updates. Soon.

Go with Da Flow

I’m so glad that I made full use of my CNY off in lieu today by doing a string of activities with ma ladies.

Morning swim with Ash → squash when Lynn and Vin arrived → afternoon swim (again) → lunch at Robertson Quay using Entertainer app and bill amounted to only $31 for four (cheap thrill!) → coffee at Smitten → super impromptu trip to Sentosa Wavehouse ‘cos Gillian had discount → flowriding for an hour (but actual playtime for each person was less than ten minutes) → wasted trip to Buona Vista as the place we wanted to eat at was closed argh → Ash left → dinner at Lavender Food Square instead with Loti → reappearance of Ash ‘cos she forgotten her house keys.

What a day!

Back to the main highlight.

Feeling ganchiong, humji, and suaku at the same time ‘cos it’s our first time at Wavehouse, despite it being opened for so long.

Took me a lot of falls and balls to finally stand up without support.. for four seconds. I think I fared the worst among everyone :\

But I had lotsa fun definitely. Felt younger and more alive too 😀

On a random note, I love the random backdrop that Lynn spotted then urged me over to strike a pose.

Zap ϟ ϟ ϟ

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Checkered Me(h)

Lynn made these photos she took into a GIF for me :’) That’s me indeliberately looking like a set with my fully zhnged scooter.

Feeling so tired and lazy and busy to update anything recently. My life not very exciting when I’m grounded in Singapore. Nothing much to do except for eat work eat work and eat hahaha. OH, but I’ve also started taking some measures to counter this sedentariness. I’m now halfway through a 30-day abs challenge (I WANT PACKS!) and also learning to play squash. Actually did only two sessions la, but I kinda like it. Might consider buying my own racket if the interest doesn’t die.

A while ago I was still singing, “Wake me up when September ends~” NOW WHERE DAFUQ DID OCTOBER GO!?

Umbrella Spin

My 鬼主意 wahahaha!

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Animated St John’s People

Left, front, right, top, cleavage! HAHAHAH.

THE hat.


And finally, Kallang wave!

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The Best Matcha Tiramisu.. at Watami.

So good I wanna cry. Y I no discover it earlier!?

Met Celeste and Sharon for dinner and catchup about three weeks ago.

Took tons of self-timed shots and here’s just one out of the many series. Hahaha Celeste is appalled at me and Sharon posing with random stuffs like lemon skin and Japanese pepper (and some got into her hair)???

Anyway, there’s this toilet thing among us – you go toilet, your camera will kena bombarded with self-shots of other people. Happens to Sharon e v e r y t i m e.

Like this.

I has an amazing nose. I can suck in the flaps and make them stay.

Then it was my turn to go toilet and this happened. Some more I’ve already put my camera into my bag as a prevention but they still dug it out -.-

Retards in Action

Check out the one where Loti was really yawning, and I gasped like a retard not knowing his mouth was opened too :O

Girlfriends Unite

Like literally.

Loti has this clique of guy friends, and they often bring their girlfriends along when they gather. One day, these girlfriends just suddenly decided, “Okay, let’s hang out! (Without the boys.)”

So there we were, spending a beautiful Saturday morning together at Dempsey’s Roadhouse.

Doing Debbie’s “foam thing.” It’s supposed to make you look kissable according to her.

Girlfriends with their breakfast dishes.

On nom nom.

I have no one to pair with so I paired with my pizza.

I like the visual aspects of this dish. “Photogenic food” – that’s what I call it. And every time I use that term, my friends laugh. True what! Anw, ang moh food usually look photogenic. The most not photogenic food IMO is zhi char – the dishes just look one ji ba bom.

For more photogenic photos of the food at Roadhouse, please visit Lazy Foodies and drool all you want. Here is for you to drool at girls.

Drool-worthy? LOL I’m just kidding la.

Server initiated to help us with a group photo. Damn good his service.

The girls said I look like a monkey here.

You think?

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Funny GIFs

Wahahah so retarded. I can laugh over this a hundred times!

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