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Tag: Health

Health is Gold

Don’t take your health for granted – something that we say enough but don’t practice it enough. It’s until recently when my brother got hospitalised for ten whole days due to Pneumonia, followed by Loti now whom also got warded for the same reason, then me catching a normal cold (but can’t help to be a bit paranoid about it), that I feel the weightage of that sentence.

It’s already a pain to watch them go through all the needles and medication, much less them expereincing it. I ask for nothing more than a speedy recovery and healthy bodies once again.

Teh Lack of Sleep

Hahaha check out the graphs on Fri and where I totally knocked out. SLEPT DEAD. Like a log. Now, as I type this, my brain is frieddddlkdas;dka nad I am dozing offfff……..

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My Swim Gear

Just what would I do without these man? I’m in love with swimming, I really am. Apart from the fact that it’s cardio, it makes me feel liberated whenever I’m in the deed. It calms my soul, gives me time to think, and is a cheap and healthy activity to do with or without company. I also felt an improvement in my overall well-being and stamina. My highest record so far was 54 laps last Tuesday (34 before work and 20 after work) lol insane or what! Though I’m slow compared to my peers with a not too accurate swimming technique, I still enjoy doing it. Damn, I must have really been a terrapin my previous life.

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The Slimmest Has Yet to Come

Photo taken two weeks ago when I finally managed to fit in a mini denim shorts I bought in Bangkok last year. That’s the diet benchmark I set for myself because I tried so hard to force my way in last time that the button broke WTF.

Lost about 2kg (sounds so easy but it’s damn difficult!) since I started swimming on a regular basis for a month. Must thank Loti for leaving me bored and lonely and near to a swimming pool for two weeks, but thankfully I saw some results and found the motivation to continue.

But exercising alone is not enough, it must go with diet. I didn’t starve, I just choose to eat healthy on usual meals and only indulge when I meet friends for good food. Calories are like money – must be spent wisely. It’s tough though, especially for a food lover like me. I’ll go through the “angel and devil fight” in my head for every sinful temptaion I see. The devil used to win, but recently the angel has the upper hand most of the times.

Alright, gotta go! Heading for another swim soon. Have a good weekend. I’ll catch up on more updates!

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Trying to Eat Healthy

I made my very own lunch for three consecutive days – multigrain bread topped with steamed chicken breast, sautéed portobello mushrooms, and tomato slices. Sounds ultra unappetising hur hur. But I kinda enjoy it for now and Imma vary the ingredients used so that I won’t get bored. Let’s see how long I can last.

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