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New Additions to My Room

This “wall mural” was actually done quite long ago, giving a purpose to all my old name cards.

New adjustable chair, yay. Also used red paper to manually wrap all the file holders and boxes. Siao one.

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Double the Mess

I’m back from BKK! With a whole new pile of clothes, bags, and shoes. Can’t believe I refrained from shopping for about three months just for this trip, but in the end my buys also not super a lot lei.

Haven’t unpack my luggage no time to pack my room lazy to pack my room. I’m such a procrastinator, damn.

The “Loveliest” State My Room Has Ever Gotten Into

🙂 People who know me should know that I’m a neat freak but JUST LOOK at that pig sty. I know it’s gross but I’ve got no time to bother about it! And I have so many backdated entries I don’t know where to begin with.

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Ending the 12 Days of Christmas

Basically this entry is just to show off the house decor that my mum had painstakingly put up. She’ll do it every year without fail and this year’s is one of the best ‘cos we bought a super tall Christmas tree!

The snowman and Santa soft toys have existed for the longest time ever.

I too had my very first personal Christmas tree in my room! It’s a random $10 buy (excluding the decors) in KL ‘cos I thought that an orange tree looks so special! It certainly brightens up my room 🙂

And my mum even decorates our meals. She so cute lahhhh. Always like to 搞气氛 :DD

Okay, time to snap out of the holiday mood; and my blog should stop snowing already.

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Light / Dark

Random decision to paint our living room wall dark one fine afternoon. Just one single wall to create the contrast. Heh, looks more swanky now. I like.

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Zhng My Room

Favourite (and neatest) corner. Sorta zhnged the other side of the room too, but not really ideal yet. Mum is procrastinating 1000 years to alter my curtains D:

This wall art sticker that I bought from Malacca is major love. Every time I look at it, I’ll just be bowed over by the nature of the design – simple yet punchy.

New photo frame ohyeah~

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Added Splash of Colours

Was in the clean-up-my-room mood yesterday and I told myself to make a trip to IKEA soon to buy more picture frames so I could prolly display my personal works (which is currently ZERO at the moment lol).

BUT I headed down to the CI Fair 2010 last evening and this poster they gave came in just in time.

Voila! I hastily stuck it beside my postcard collage!

Hahaha call me a lazy bum and procrastinator. ‘Cos I know if I want to bring my initial thoughts to action, it’ll take me forever. Oh man, I think sometimes when you do too much work for clients and when you finally have the time to design something for yourself, you’d rather take the time to nuaaaaaaa~

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